Shenzhen PH Functional Materials

We are an integrated supplier

As an rf absorber materials factory, Shenzhen PH currently has Huawei, Honor, ZTE, Samsung, Lenovo, Foxconn, Better Life, Hanwang and many other high-quality long-term cooperation customers, widely praised by the industry, for many years favored by cooperative customers!


Professional pre-sales technicians to connect with you, understand your practical problems, help you solve your questions, and build our mutual trust foundation.

Communication needs

According to your questions, from your standpoint, according to your questions and requirements to recommend materials for you to choose, and free sample for you to test and confirm the effect.

Sample and price

After you confirm that the sample is feasible and the problem is solved, the sales staff will provide a professional preferential offer to you according to your customized requirements.

Order Production

You think the price is in line with your expectations and is very competitive. You place an order and pay for the order, and the sales volume will place an order for the factory to do the goods for you.

Keep In Touch

In the process of making goods, the factory will make goods for you in strict accordance with the quality control standards, and have quality inspection records throughout the whole process. The sales staff will report the goods progress for you in time.

Logistics Delivery

After completing the production, inspection and packaging, we will immediately report to you and arrange the logistics to deliver the goods for you. During the transportation process, the sales staff will monitor the whole process and timely report the logistics situation to you until you receive the goods.

If you need industrial solution, we are available for you

We provide innovative solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market