Wireless charging ferrite sintered ferrite sheet

By attached to the coil, increase the coil inductance,reduce the metal caused by vortex flow resistance of heat, metal coil in magnetic interference, improve the charging efficiency.


WLS150 series of wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet products as a Shenzhen Penghui high-end used in consumer electronics wireless charging module, this series of products without rubber thickness 0.05mm,0.10mm,0.20mm,0.30mm,0.50mm (such as customer usage is particularly large, can customize other special thickness), can meet the customer demand of all kinds of wireless charging application, stable performance, can meet the needs of most of the wireless charging module performance demand, widely used, large shipments, favored by customers.


Wireless charging for the new power transmission mode, as a convenient fashion of charging way, more and more popular with the majority of consumers, in mobile phone charging, wearable products to automotive electronics, electric car charging is widely used, more and more attention, and with its constantly mature, applications tend to be widely used, but the wireless charger has low charging efficiency, charging heat big defects.In order to improve charging efficiency and ensure safe use, the current mainstream solution is to attach a magnetic diaphragm on the back of the wireless charger transmitter and receiving end coil.The magnetic diaphragm is the magnetic sheet auxiliary material of the coil at both ends of the wireless charger, which requires high magnetic conductivity and low magnetic loss factor.


Wireless charger refers to a charging device using electromagnetic wave induction principle, with a coil at the transmission and receiving end connecting the wire power supply to generate electromagnetic signal and the coil to generate a current to charge the battery. The antenna at the transmitting end can enhance the magnetic field strength of the coil and have high magnetic convergence effect of the metal conductor to prevent energy waste and improve charging efficiency.


Penghui WLS150 magnetic plate is an alloy powder particles and binder mixture of high permeability magnetic film, it is to improve and enhance the function of wireless charging coil function body, is also the key technology in wireless charging module auxiliary material, its magnetic conductivity energy is very powerful from it has a high permeability, can change the route of electromagnetic signal, avoid electromagnetic signal scattering interference and attenuation.


 Penghui WLS150 series RF suction / RF diaphragm appearance structure

wireless charging ferrite sintered ferrite sheet

wireless charging ferrite sintered ferrite sheet


Characteristics of Penghui WLS150 absorbing film (magnetic diaphragm)

  1. Made of iron-based alloy soft magnetic powder + environmental protection polymer material composite, with softness, easy to cut, can be customized in size;
  2. With super high magnetic conductivity real part and relatively low magnetic conductivity virtual part, it can play an excellent magnetic conductivity effect in the wireless charging coil;
  3. Back-sided single-sided or double-sided back adhesive, convenient for customers to fit, use high adhesive double-sided adhesive, paste more reliable, use more assured;
  4. The inductance value of the material is very high and stable, the magnetic conduction energy is very strong, and the magnetic saturation sensing strength is high, which ensures the stability of the charging effect, and can meet the requirements of the high-power wireless charging coil;
  5. The thinnest bare material 0.05mm, add glue 0.08mm, can be used in the very high thickness requirements of the ultra-thin charging module;
  6. Through ROHS, HF, REACH certification, with aging resistance characteristics;
  7. High price, stable and excellent performance, suitable for high-end wireless charging transmitter and receiving end.


Application advantages of wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet

At present, wireless charging is still mainly consumer or consumer electronics, including Apple, watches, and other low-power products. In the future, a lot of wireless charging technology will be used in automobiles, sweepers, charging tools, rice cookers, and kitchen appliances. At present, these products all use wireless charging sintered ferrite sheets.

1. Structural advantages of wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet
The nanocrystalline magnetic sheet and the receiving end of the ferrite magnetic sheet are all flat, but the special-shaped parts, including watches, are not of a flat structure, so some magnetic sheets cannot be processed.

2. Mass production of wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet
Wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet is a traditional material with a very large production capacity, which is calculated in 10,000 tons. So its output is huge.

3. The reliability of wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet
The specific temperature of the wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet is about 200 degrees, but the material for the receiving end is about 100 degrees, and it has very high acid and alkali resistance. Especially in the processing technology of nanocrystalline magnetic sheet, because of the introduction of some plastic materials, if it is charged with high power such as tens of watts, hundreds of watts, or several kilowatts, its operating temperature generally exceeds 120 degrees. A lot of costs are introduced in the selection of rubber materials. Also, the thickness of maybe 0.1 or several layers may not reach the corresponding charging efficiency.

4. Cost advantage of wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet
The advantages of larger wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet will be more obvious, and the series of low-power products will become closer and closer, especially the cost of the receiving end. If the transmitter is made with high power, it may have three kilowatts or several kilowatts. If it is made purely with nanochips, the cost may not be twice as high, and the small chip may be about twice as much.

Ferrite & Wireless Charging

With the wide application of wireless charging, the demand for the use of wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet is increasing day by day. Then, the processing difficulties of magnetic materials are also exposed among manufacturers. Regarding the processing difficulties of magnetic materials, we can fully understand the main aspects of the processing difficulties from the material characteristics of magnetic materials.

  1. Ferrite raw meal

The material characteristics of ferrite raw materials are: green sheets have no toughness, poor adhesion, easy to break, slag, dust, and easy to break due to force. The processing requirements are cutting, peeling, stacking, and dust removal. At present, most of the commonly used methods are manual operations, and it is difficult to form automated operations.

  1. Ferrite magnets

Material characteristics of ferrite magnets: This material is a highly brittle material, which is mainly shipped in sheets, and the material fragments do not break with the direction of force. After crushing, perform secondary punching. There are phenomena such as difficulty in taking sheets, easy stacking of magnetic sheets and difficult separation.

  1. Ferrite magnetic isolation sheet

Ferrite magnetic isolation sheet: a kind of magnetic sheet material with high hardness. The processing method is less efficient.

  1. Nanocrystalline materials

Nanocrystalline material: An extremely brittle magnetic carrier material, the fragmentation does not follow the direction of the force. When shipped, there is no inner support core. The common processing method is: the carrier tape is laminated with double-sided tape and then crushed. It is required to be crushed without scratches, and the internal fragmentation of the magnetic sheet is uniform. After the fragmentation, it is required to perform deep die-cutting after compounding multiple layers, and burrs are not allowed in punching.

If you want to know more product information of wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet, please feel free to contact us. We will answer the wireless charging sintered ferrite sheet for you in detail.


Penghui WLS150 series RF absorbing chip / RF diaphragm specifications

wireless charging ferrite sintered ferrite sheet


  1. The product is kept at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and high humidity;
  2. The above data are averaged from the multiple actual tests of the Company, and the Company has the right to make the final interpretation;
  3. The buyer must determine whether the product is suitable for a specific use and whether it is suitable for the buyer’s application mode. Many factors will affect the performance of the product for a specific use. If you have any questions about the company’s products, please contact the company personnel, so that we can better serve you.

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