Strong magnetic tape with adhesive tape

The magnetic tape are used in the door gasket of refrigerator, disinfector, distillatory and cabinet, disinfect the cabinet, kitchen cabinet, steaming bath tube. Also, used as car sealing gasket and other soft gasket.


Flexible magnetic strip are made of ferrite magnet compound, CPE and other materials.

By extruding, rolling or injecting, the combination can be made into soft, plastic and flexible magnets with different shapes which are depend on the request of clients.

The flexible magnetic strip is mainly a soft, elastic and twistable magnet made from magnetic powder and natural rubber powder through extrusion molding, calendering molding, injection molding and other processes.

It can be produced into strips, rolls, sheets and various complex shapes. At the same time, PVC of various colors can be compounded on its surface, and different shapes can be punched out according to your requirements. PH is a professional flexible magnetic strip manufacturer, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Features of flexible magnetic strip

  1. Can be bent arbitrarily;
  2. Good magnetic properties;
  3. Suitable for office, school, family;
  4. Various sizes can be customized according to customer needs;
  5. Different colors can be made according to needs;

There are also flexible magnetic strips that can be written on and erased. The colored side is equivalent to a white board, and the other side is black-brown magnetic, which can be glued to metal objects.



Isotropic material: weak magnetism, used on iceboxes, presswork and marketing and promotion premiums

Anisotropic material: strong magnetism, used in such applications as micro-motors and magnet toys.

Size for reference:

Width: 5mm-1500mm

Length: 10/ 20/ 30/ 50/ 900meter


Standard: 0.4 to 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/ 3.0mm
Special: 0.25mm/0.3mm

Surface Treatment: UV coating, with color PVC, (3M) adhesive, PET


Export Advantage:

  1. All inquiries, questions and emails will be replied within 24 hours.
  2. Samples and small quantity are available.
  3. Stock material for stable production.
  4. Most favorable Price is available.
  5. Excellent shipping forwarder to help to delivery magnet.
  6. Flexible Payment items include T/T in advance and western union and L/C at sight or others.
  7. Quick delivery time & precise size tolerance.
  8. Good quality and assured service.


Detailed Flexible Magnetic Strip Description

– Strong Magnetism
– Rolls or Cut Sheets
– Suitable for Fridge Magnets, Magnetic Car Sign and Promotional products

* Strong Magnetism * Easy to Die Cut * Meet International Material Safety Standards

Different Lamination are Available: * Indoor/ Outdoor Pressure Sensitive Adhesives * White Vinyl (Matt/ Gloss) for Printing * Colored Vinyl (Matt/ Gloss)



Strong magnetism, Easy to cut, No blocking, No heavy metal and hazardous chemical, Density: 3.7-3.8g/cm3
Hardness: 40 Shore D
Working Temperature: -20 degrees Celsius to +70 degree Celsius

Flexibility: can be wrapped around a rod with a 12.7mm radius at 20 degree Celsius without cracking

* Rolls and Cut Sheets are available
* Magnetic sheet thicknesses: 0.3-8mm ; * Magnetic roll :0.3-1.5mm
* Standard Widths: 600-1220mm
* Customized Dimensions are also available


Rubber magnetic strip

It has flexibility, elasticity and flexibility, and can be produced into rolls, sheets, strips, blocks, rings and various complex shapes through extrusion, calendering, injection, mold forming and other processes. Its surface can also be covered with PVC sheet, coated paper, double-sided tape, coated with UV oil, or cut into various shapes by color printing die.


We accept customized services

  1. Shape and dimension requirements.
  2. Material and coating requirements.
  3. Processing according to design drawings.
  4. Requirements for magnetization direction.
  5. Magnet grade requirements.
  6. Surface treatment requirements (plating requirements).


Why do you choose us ?

  1. Our material is  Non toxic, non smell and ECO-friendly;
  2. We have professional engineers which have more than 10 years experience in rubber magnet research;
  3. Quality System & Environment : ISO9001:2000 , RoHS;
  4. Our price is competitive and service is good and fast;
  5. We accept customized shape and thickness;
  6. Our rubber magnet with high magnetic power performance.


Rubber flexible magnetic strips are used in the door gasket of refrigerator, disinfector, distillatory and cabinet, disinfect the cabinet, kitchen cabinet, steaming bath tube. Also, used as car sealing gasket and other soft gasket.


Rubber flexible magnetic strip is composed of magnetic powder (SrO6, Fe2O3), chloride polyethylene (CPE) and other additives (EBSO, DOP). It is manufactured by extrusion and calendering. Rubber flexible magnetic strip can be the same sex or the opposite sex, can bend, can twist, can roll.It can be used without more machining, can be trimmed according to the required size, and can also be covered with PVC, back glue, UV oil according to customer requirements.


Production process: ingredient mixed extrusion / rolling / injection molding processing magnetization inspection packaging.


Rubber flexible magnetic strip is a kind of ferrite magnetic material series, which is made of soft, elastic and twisted magnet by extrusion molding, rolling molding and injection molding.Can be processed into strip, roll, sheet, block, ring and various complex shapes.


Non-standard size can also be customized according to your needs, batch free mold fee.


Mainly used in making refrigerator stickers

Specific introduction: mainly used in the screen window, micro-special motor, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, kitchen cabinet, toys, stationery, advertising and other industries.


This flexible magnetic strip is magnetic on one side and no magnetic on the other side, and because of this feature, it is very suitable for refrigerator stickers. In applications, the general side of the double-sided tape can be pasted with a variety of personality pictures (such as cartoon characters) on the other side of the refrigerator or other products, so that both sides can play their own role.


Difference: flexible magnetic strip

Different from strong magnetic and ordinary magnets, it can change the shape and size at will, easy to cut, can be used for DIY, make their own gadgets, play more creativity, production and processing department is often used to make refrigerator stickers, product stickers.


Note: Due to the special flexible magnetic strip, it is different from other magnets magnetic, so please consider clearly when choosing, it is suitable for refrigerator paste products.


Rubber purchase related knowledge:

  1. Rubber flexible magnetic strip units are millimeter (mm), so when you should see the specific size, do not buy only by imagination, so as not to take the wrong goods.
  2. The magnetic force of all rubber soft magnetic is not large (compared with hard magnetic), generally need to be directly absorbed on the iron plate, can not be separated from the middle, if the interval of ordinary paper or screen window this thin thing is also possible, but the suction is not very solid.
  3. All rubber flexible magnetic strip surface has UV oil, and the other side is not magnetic.
  4. Flexible magnetic strip can be arbitrary cut, ordinary scissors or wallpaper knife can be.
  5. The use temperature of soft magnetic can not exceed 80℃, and soft magnetic can be mounted, coated and sprayed.
  6. Flexible magnetic strip is divided into two kinds: same sex and opposite sex. Under the same size, the surface magnetic ratio of the opposite sex is about 20% higher than the same sex, and the price will also be much higher.
  7. If you need to make it, please pass the drawings to us. If you can call for consultation.


Rubber flexible magnetic strip is made of hard magnet ferrite material mixed with polymer after adhesion, by injection, rolling molding. Has the hardness bottom, the plasticity of good characteristics.Therefore, it can be easier to process into the shape of each magnet, widely used in toys, stationery, door seal, micro motor and other aspects, the following for you to introduce the use of rubber magnetic introduction.

  1. Consumer electronics

In the household appliances that can be seen everywhere in daily life, all kinds of magnetic sensing, switches, motor magnetic materials and adsorptive magnetic products and components play a huge role, significantly improving the quality of human life.

  1. Automotive electronics

From the electrical system of new energy vehicles to the electronic products in the automotive interior, a variety of magnetic sensing, adsorption and motor rotor components.

  1. Computer and surrounding areas

Motor rotors in computer optical storage equipment, magnetic steel mechanical components and storage components in magnetic storage equipment, non-contact sensing and switching devices, magnetic toner in various printing and copying equipment are all places of high-performance magnetic materials and components.

  1. Industrial equipment

In industrial control automation, metal processing, woodworking stone, medical printing and other industries, magnetic materials incarnate as motor rotor, magnetic sensors, magnetic switches, magnetic couplings and other products, contributing to the development of industrial automation.

  1. Security equipment

High security security system needs high quality magnetic sensor parts, excellent performance of security equipment, hidden and convenient anti-theft magnetic roll mark, for all places to avoid the trouble of theft.

  1. Advertising, gifts and educational supplies

In all kinds of advertising materials, adhesive magnetic and adsorption magnetic materials and components are widely used.In toys and educational products, high-performance magnetic materials and components that meet environmental and health standards are also becoming visible.


Rubber flexible magnetic strip is a kind of magnetic strip, mainly used in refrigerators, kitchen appliances, bathroom facilities, doors and windows and other door seals. Because of its moderate suction, after combining with plastic sleeves to form a door seal, the sealing performance is good, and the temperature It has a wide range of adaptation, easy opening and durability, so it is widely used in various industries.

Application fields of rubber flexible magnetic strip

  1. It is used for door seals of refrigerators, requiring low temperature resistance, etc.
  2. It is used in heat-resistant seals such as disinfection cabinets.
  3. Used in door seals such as wine cabinets.
  4. It is used in the door seal of the overall bathroom facilities and sauna rooms.
  5. It is used for sealing of screens, etc.
  6. Motor magnetic strip

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