Soft ferrite material for wireless charging

By attached to the coil, increase the coil inductance,reduce the metal caused by vortex flow resistance of heat, metal coil in magnetic interference, improve the charging efficiency.


PH wireless charging soft ferrite material including 3 categories, they are ferrite magnetic fabric (low-end), soft magnetic alloy(middle high end) and sintered ferrite films (high-end).

The 3 items are all possess function of magnetic and magnetic shield, by attached to the coil, increase the coil inductance, reduce the metal caused by vortex flow resistance of heat, metal coil in magnetic interference, improve the charging efficiency.

According to QI/A4WP/PMA standard and non-standard wireless charging transmitter (TX) and the receiver (RX), all kinds of magnet sheet match performance can be provided by PH, and can be cut into any shape as customized.

PH wireless charging soft ferrite material meet ROHS and halogen free, environmental protection perfectly, can be used rest assured.



Wireless charging transmitting end and receiving end of intelligent mobile phone

Wearable electronic wireless charging

Electric vehicle wireless charging

The other common cases of wireless charging

Characteristic of Magnetic fabric:

Low cost

General permeability, low magnetic loss

High resistivity

Meet ROHS and halogen free

Flame retardant grade:UL94-V2

Common thickness:0.3~1.0mm







Characteristic of Soft magnetic alloy:

Middle and upper cost

Middle and upper permeability, low magnetic loss

High resistivity

Meet ROHS and halogen free

Flame retardant grade:UL94-V2

Common thickness:0.1~1.0mm


Characteristic of Sintered ferrite:

High cost

High permeability, low magnetic loss

High resistivity

Meet ROHS and halogen free

Flame retardant grade:UL94-V2

Common thickness:0.06~0.5mm

Product features of wireless charging soft ferrite material:

  1. Soft texture materials, good fit;
  2. Perfect absorption performance, can absorb the electromagnetic wave in the wide band range;
  3. Meet the ROHS environmental protection requirements;
  4. Can be cut into required size and shape based on customer requirements.

Company certification:IS09001

Product certification:ROHS and Halogen Free

Guarantee period:5 years


Wireless charging is divided into transmitting end and receiving end, the transmitter includes chip, oscillator, power amplifier, coil, PCB, passive device, electronic transformer, structural parts, etc. The receiving end can be divided into two large parts: chip and module. The magnetic materials mainly used in wireless charger are: Ndfeb permanent magnet, NiZn ferrite thin magnet tablets, MnZn ferrite thin magnetic tablets, and flexible ferrite magnetic tablets made of soft magnetic ferrite materials as the main components of wireless charging technology, which increase the induction magnetic field and shield coil interference in wireless charging equipment. Wireless charger has higher requirements on soft magnet ferrite material function, product size and reliability, and higher requirements on the receiver. According to the receiving method, wireless charging transmitter is divided into fixed position type, single coil free position type and multi-coil free position type. These transmitters have different requirements for ferrite products. In ferrite tablets, after processing slice sintering, will form a piece of magnetic non-metallic patches, generally called magnetic sheet. Ferric oxide magnetic sheet is highly fragile, in the single sheet manual grasp, the resistance generated by the air may cause the sheet rupture. When breaking, do not crack with the direction of the force, high fragility. Conventional vacuum suction cup, sponge suction cup can not be completely captured.


As a fashionable and convenient charging method, wireless charging is more and more favored by consumers, and it is developing rapidly in the field of consumer electronic products such as mobile phones. However, the wireless charger has some defects, such as low charging efficiency and high heat generating rate when charging.

The utility model discloses a flexible ferrite separator comprising a square separator and a tape covering on both sides of the square separator, divided into a separator unit of the same size, the surface of a grid.

The diaphragm units are fixed by the connection between the diaphragm connecting units in an integral structure. Since the thin connection between the diaphragm units, the connection is small.

The diaphragm unit is very close to the independent unit, so that the whole diaphragm is more flexible; the wireless charging soft ferrite material forms a regular square or other shaped diaphragm unit even when bending and breaking. Due to the adhesive adhesion on both sides, the electromagnetic performance and use effect are not affected, and the cost is relatively low.


What is wireless charging soft ferrite material

wireless charging soft ferrite material is a kind of magnetic material, and its application characteristic is “magnetic conductivity”.  Just like metals conduct electricity, some materials are magnetically conductive, which we call magnetic materials. Magnetic materials are divided into hard magnetic and soft magnetic. The so-called hard magnetic material is a permanent magnet, which does not need an external energized solenoid to have magnetism, and the magnetism will not disappear. The soft magnet itself is not magnetic, and a magnetic field is generated only when an electrified solenoid is applied. When the applied current is removed, the magnetic field ceases to exist.

Application of wireless charging soft ferrite material

Wireless charging soft ferrite material is a basic material for electronic industry, electromechanical industry and factory industry with wide application, large output and low cost. It is one of its important pillar products. The application of wireless charging soft ferrite material directly affects the development of electronic information, home appliance industry, computer and communication, environmental protection and energy saving technology, and it is also one of the signs to measure a country’s economic development process.

It has been half a century since the invention and practical application of wireless charging soft ferrite material. Because of its high magnetic permeability, high resistivity, low loss and wear resistance of ceramics, it is widely used in electron beam deflection coils, flybacks of TV sets, etc. Transformers, radio choke coils, mid-cycle transformers, inductors, switching power supplies, communication equipment, filters, computers, electronic ballasts and other fields are widely used; With the increasing application of electronic technology, especially the popularization of digital circuits and switching power supply applications, the problem of electromagnetic interference (EMI) is becoming more and more important. EMI magnetic components based on wireless charging soft ferrite material have developed rapidly and have a wide variety of products, such as electromagnetic interference suppressors, radio wave absorbing materials, frequency multipliers, modulators, etc., which have become indispensable in modern military electronic equipment, industrial and civil electronic instruments missing component.

About Company

PH mainly produces absorbing sheet, EMI suppression sheet, sintered ferrite sheet, electromagnetic shielding coating and other electromagnetic functional materials. It is the first national high-tech enterprise in China that focuses on the R&D, production and sales of sheet absorbing materials and electromagnetic shielding coatings. The products are sold to all over the world and are well received by the industry.

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