RF absorber materials flexible nfc ferrite sheet

By attached between the antenna and the back metal, forming a magnetic conduction channel, which can eliminate the interfere to antenna from metal (Or other sources of interference) , Enable the antenna to transmit a signal normally.


Penghui NFS40 series RF suction / RF diaphragm

NFS40 series RF wave absorption film / RF diaphragm products as a flagship of Shenzhen Penghui products used in RF anti-metal interference, circuit board antenna anti-interference, NFC antenna anti-interference, flexible absorbing material, and many other scenarios, favored by the majority of customers, This series of products is 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm (if customer usage is particularly large, other special thickness that can be customized), can help customers solve the interference of use environment (common interference source is metal, it can also be a PCB, Components, etc.) and cause the product can not be used normally problems.


With the development of RFID technology, more and more industries began to introduce RFID, and in most scenarios of applications, RFID labels will be attached to the surface of metal objects. However, because the metal object itself will affect the working performance of RFID label, the electromagnetic wave emitted by RFID label will be isolated by the metal, and the signal is disturbed, resulting in the decline of the performance of the label, or even cannot be effectively read by the corresponding equipment. In order to solve this problem, RFID anti-metal label came into being.


As early as during World War II, flexible absorbing material has been used in the military, and scientists have also started a lot of exploratory work on electromagnetic wave flexible absorbent material. Since the 1980s, countries around the world have invested heavily in increasing the flexibility with the rapid development of telecommunications business, flexible absorbing material has also been applied to many fields such as communication, environmental protection and human protection.


Electromagnetic radiation causes direct and indirect damage to the human body through thermal effects, non-thermal effects and cumulative effects. Studies have confirmed that the ferrite flexible absorbing material has the best performance, it has the characteristics of high absorption frequency band, high absorption rate, and thin matching thickness. The application of this material in electronic equipment can absorb leaked electromagnetic radiation and achieve the purpose of eliminating electromagnetic interference. According to the law that electromagnetic waves propagate in the medium from low magnetic to high magnetic permeability, high-permeability ferrite is used to guide electromagnetic waves, and through resonance, a large amount of radiation energy of electromagnetic waves is absorbed, and then the energy of electromagnetic waves is converted into heat energy through coupling.


The early size of metal resistant RFID labels are large and often limited in practical application. In recent years, with the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and smart medical smart grid, the market demand for RFID labels is gradually increasing, and high-performance and miniature metal resistant RFID labels are more and more favored.


At present, the mainstream anti-metal label is made using RF absorbing chip. This is the most common implementation of RFID tags, that is, stick a layer of magnetic absorbing material behind the RFID label. For example, Penghui NFS40 series RF absorbing film, the RF absorbing chip can turn on the electromagnetic signal generated when the RFID works, avoid electromagnetic signals from hitting the metal surface, cato the generation of a vortex, with the RFID unable to work properly, also adjusting the RFID tag and reader to a of the same frequency. It allows the relevant device to normally read important information such as item data on the RFID label data.


Penghui NFS40 series RF absorbing / RF diaphragm appearance structure


Penghui NFS40 series RF absorbing chip / RF diaphragm features

  1. Made of iron-based alloy soft magnetic powder + environmental protection polymer material composite, with softness, easy to cut, can be customized in size;
  2. With a high magnetic permeability and low permeability virtual part, can play an excellent magnetic conduction effect;
  3. The quality and stability of the absorbent sheet is very good, and it can withstand a high or low temperature, without affecting the use effect;
  4. The inductance, Q value of the wave-absorbing chip, with moderate matching impedance, and customers can be used directly upon arrival, avoiding the antenna debugging and reducing the time cost;
  5. The thinnest bare material 0.1mm, glue 0.13mm glue, can be used in a very small space, a variety of thickness, for customers to choose freely;
  6. The surface of the absorbing sheet is smooth and smooth, not off powder, not rotten edge, not light, not volatile;
  7. Can improve RFID electronic labels, antenna, readers, IC card, bus card and other radio frequency electronic products in reading and writing failure when encountering metal, play a role of anti-metal interference;
  8. Moderate price, and customers can use it on a large scale;
  9. Through ROHS, HF, REACH certification, with aging resistance characteristics.


Flexible absorbing materials refer to a class of materials that can absorb the energy of electromagnetic waves projected on its surface. In engineering applications, in addition to requiring the absorbing material to have a high absorption rate of electromagnetic waves in a wide frequency band, it is also required to have light weight, temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.

Flexible absorbing material is the product of the expansion of absorbing material. It appeared with the rise of electric power and telecommunication technology, and its application range is extremely wide.

Flexible absorbing materials In the electrical field, informatization field, automobile field and other supporting fields, the most important thing is that flexible absorbing materials, as the main raw material for the production of electronic components, bring far less demand for them. In electronic equipment, the high-frequency noise generated by the flat circuit will cause instability to the system. The limited area of ​​the circuit board is wide, and it is impossible to install a filter in the flat shape. At this time, flexible absorbing materials are used to cover the entire circuit. Interfering surfaces form absorption heat transformations. As a professional flexible absorbent material supplier, we look forward to establishing a cooperative relationship with you.

Features of flexible absorbing materials

  1. Suitable for EMC absorbing materials, the maximum initial permeability is as high as 135, and the permeability characteristics are excellent;
  2. Excellent electromagnetic absorbing effect in broadband (10MHZ-3GHZ);
  3. Applicable to various cables such as mobile phones, FPC, computers, IC chips, LCD/digital camera motherboards, PDP/digital cameras, etc.


Penghui NFS40 series RF absorbing / RF diaphragm specifications


  1. The product is kept at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and high humidity;
  2. The above data are averaged from the multiple actual tests of the company, and the company has the right to make the final interpretation;
  3. The buyer must determine whether the product is suitable for a specific use and whether it is suitable for the buyer’s application mode. Many factors will affect the performance of the product for a specific use. If you have any questions about the company’s products, please contact the company personnel, so that we can better serve you.

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