Noise Suppression Sheet

Wave-absorbing material is a noise-reduction magnetic film made of soft magnetic powder and resin in a certain proportion.It has high permeability and soft sides covered with double-sided tape.Just paste it in the right position and it has excellent noise suppression.





The RMS180 series EMI suppressor sheet is an excellent solution for high-intensity electromagnetic wave radiation interference and electromagnetic pollution. The initial permeability of the suppressor sheet is 180, and it comes in thicknesses of 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, and 0.3mm. These sheets are available in two variants: ROHS and halogen-free non-stick sheets.

The RMS180 series by Penghui has a wide range of applications, including communication, electronics, aerospace, military, navigation, healthcare, environmental protection, and more. Additionally, it is used in various electronic digital products, such as wireless charging, radio frequency identification (RFID), mobile communication devices, wireless devices, office automation equipment (personal computers, TFT LCD, etc.), audio/video communication terminal equipment, digital switches, flexible circuit boards, high-speed CPU chips, image processors, oscillation chips, storage chips, high-speed signal lines, shielding cases, high-speed microprocessors, wireless networks, GSM, Bluetooth, etc.

The 5G and 4G frequency bands require faster data transfer speeds, higher frequencies, and larger bandwidths, increasing the risk of electromagnetic interference and radiation on human health and communication quality. Shielding solutions and absorptive materials are commonly used to eliminate electromagnetic interference and prevent electromagnetic radiation. While shielding solutions are effective, they have limitations related to actual shielding and electromagnetic wave interference caused by shielding.

Absorptive materials refer to a category of materials that can absorb the incident electromagnetic wave and disperse and attenuate it. Absorptive materials convert the incident electromagnetic wave into thermal energy or a different form of energy to absorb it. On the other hand, the efficacy of shielding is to reduce the number of interfering electromagnetic waves.

The EMI suppressor sheet has flexibility, ultrathin design, wide frequency range, easy cutting, and convenient placement when compared to other electromagnetic materials. These suppressor sheets have high magnetic permeability and magnetic loss, good impedance matching characteristics, and powerful absorption performance.

These features make it widely used in communication equipment, computers, mobile terminal devices, automotive electronics, and other fields. As the world’s electronic manufacturing production base, China provides a broad market and technological foundation for industry innovation applications, promoting the rapid development of the EMI suppressor sheet market.

RMS180 Series EMI Suppressor Sheet Appearance Structure

noise suppression sheet

RMS180 Series Absorption Specifications

noise suppression sheet


  1. The product should be stored at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity.
  2. The above data represents the average of multiple actual tests conducted by our company. Our company reserves the right to final interpretation.
  3. The buyer should confirm whether the product is suitable for specific uses and application modes. Several factors can affect the product’s performance in specific uses. If you have any questions about our company’s products, please contact our personnel for better service.

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