Noise Suppression Sheet emi absorber soft ferrite

Wave-absorbing material is a noise-reduction magnetic film made of soft magnetic powder and resin in a certain proportion.It has high permeability and soft sides covered with double-sided tape.Just paste it in the right position and it has excellent noise suppression.


The initial magnetic permeability of the RMS180 series emi suppressor sheet is 180, with the commonly used unadhesive thickness of 0.03mm,0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and both ROHS and halogen-free sheets.


Penghui RMS180 series is widely used in communications, electronics, aerospace, military, navigation, medical, environmental protection and many applications microwave, high frequency industrial sector, electronic digital products, wireless charging, RFID radio frequency identification, mobile communication equipment, wireless equipment, office automation equipment (personal computer, TFT LCD, etc.), audio / video communication equipment terminals, digital switches, flexible circuit board, high speed CPU chip, image processor, oscillation chip, storage chip, high speed signal line speed, shield shell, high speed microprocessor, WIFI, GSM, Bluetooth, and more.


The coverage range of 5G base station is about 100-400 meters, and the coverage radius of 4G base station is about 1-3 km; 3G base station is about 2-5 km; and 2G base station is about 5-10 km. Compared with 3G and 4G, 5G frequency band is expanded from centimeter band to millimeter band, with higher requirements for network communication, that is, faster data transmission speed, higher frequency band and greater bandwidth. However, all kinds of high-intensity electromagnetic wave radiation can produce interference signals in the process of mobile communication propagation, thus affecting the communication quality. At the same time, the electromagnetic radiation between high-frequency devices and equipment is also increasingly serious harm to human body. Therefore, how to effectively eliminate electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation and other electromagnetic pollution has become the key technology to be solved in the current 5G communication electronic equipment, and the wave absorption chip is one of the most effective ways to eliminate electromagnetic pollution.


Eliminate the high-frequency electromagnetic interference problem: wave-absorbing material VS electromagnetic shielding material

Elimination of electromagnetic interference and protection of electromagnetic radiation usually uses electromagnetic shielding and wave-absorbing materials. In solving the problem of high-frequency electromagnetic interference, the complete solution of shielding is more and more can not meet the requirements. Because in many devices, the port setting and ventilation and windows make the actual shielding method impossible to form a fully shielded electric cage like the faraday electric cage, and the port size is a big threat to the high frequency of the equipment. In addition, there is another problem that troubles people. After the equipment implements the effective shielding, although the external interference is solved, the electromagnetic wave interference still exists in the shielding system, and even because of the shielding, the interference intensifies, and even causes the equipment can not work normally. These are the problems of shielding, and it is precisely because of these problems that the absorbing film has a useful place.


Wave absorption material refers to a kind of materials that can effectively absorb the incident electromagnetic waves and scatter and attenuate them. It converts the incident electromagnetic waves into heat energy or other energy forms of energy to achieve the purpose of absorbing the electromagnetic waves. Unlike shielding solutions, its efficacy is to reduce the number of interfering electromagnetic waves. It can be used alone to absorb electromagnetic waves, but also can cooperate with the shielding system to improve the high-frequency effect of the equipment.


According to the material loss mechanism, the absorbing material can be divided into resistance, dielectric and magnetic dielectric, silicon carbide, graphite resistance, electromagnetic energy mainly decay in resistance; barium, dielectric type, electron polarization, ion polarization, molecular polarization, interface polarization, polarization, absorb magnetic waves, ferrite, ultra-fine metal powder, with high magnetic loss angle, hysteresis loss, domain wall resonance, magnetic polarization mechanism decay, absorbing electromagnetic waves, afterlife loss.



Compared with other electromagnetic materials, the emi suppressor sheet has the advantages of high magnetic conductivity and magnetic loss, good impedance matching characteristics, and strong absorption performance, which is the most practical application value of the absorbing material, widely used in the field of communication. Therefore, it has great potential in developing high-performance high-frequency wave-absorbing materials and devices. EMI suppressor sheet can suppress electromagnetic noise of all kinds of electronic equipment;


The emi suppressor sheet is a new generation of electromagnetic noise suppression sheet developed in response to the development trend of electronic equipment and the increasingly serious electromagnetic compatibility problems in the GHz frequency range. It has the characteristics of flexibility, ultra-thin, wide application frequency range, easy cutting, and convenient placement.


The emi suppressor sheet is widely used in communication equipment, computer, mobile phone terminal, automotive electronics and other fields. In recent years, the national macro-economy has maintained steady growth. The information electronics industry, represented by communications and consumer electronics, has increasingly become a hot spot in the market. With the improvement of people’s lives, diversified demands are put forward for electronic products, thus laying a solid foundation for the wide application of emi suppressor sheets. At the same time, as the world’s electronic manufacturing production base, China has a comprehensive electronic manufacturing base, which not only provides a broad market for the industry, but also provides a technical process foundation for innovative applications in the industry, which promotes the rapid development of the emi suppressor sheet market.


EMI suppressor sheet is a flexible and impact-resistant soft magnetic material made of magnetic materials and resins. EMI suppressor sheet is an electromagnetic noise suppression product that can suppress radiated magnetic sound generated by electronic equipment in a wide frequency range. EMI suppressor sheet has the characteristics of wide application frequency range, convenient placement, high processing flexibility, flexibility, electrical conductivity, noise reduction, etc. It is widely used in smart phones, notebook computers, automotive electronics, air conditioners, wireless chargers and other fields. In recent years, with the continuous increase in the popularity of electronic equipment, the market demand for emi suppressor sheets has gradually been released. Shenzhen PH Functional Materials is a professional emi suppressor sheet manufacturer, if you want to know more about our products, please contact us.


 RMS180 series emi suppressor sheet appearance structure


RMS180 series wave absorption specifications


  1. The product is kept at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and high humidity;
  2. The above data are averaged from the multiple actual tests of the company, and the company has the right to make the final interpretation;
  3. The buyer must determine whether the product is suitable for a specific use and whether it is suitable for the buyer’s application mode. Many factors will affect the performance of the product for a specific use. If you have any questions about the company’s products, please contact the company personnel, so that we can better serve you.

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