Magnetic Whiteboard Soft Eraser for schools and offices

A magnetic whiteboard eraser is a type of eraser specifically designed for use on whiteboards. It has a magnetic backing, which allows it to stick to the whiteboard surface for easy storage and access. The soft material of the eraser makes it effective for removing dry-erase marker ink from the whiteboard without leaving any residue or damaging the surface.






How to clean magnetic whiteboard eraser

  1. First use 75% alcohol, you can apply the alcohol on the magnetic whiteboard eraser by hand, let the alcohol decompose the ink on the whiteboard eraser
  2. Then prepare a basin of clean water, put the magnetic whiteboard eraser after standing for 20 minutes into the basin, and wash it with water to wash out the dried ink marks
  3. After washing, put it in a ventilated place to dry, then you can use it again

What is a Magnetic Whiteboard Soft Eraser?

A magnetic whiteboard soft eraser is a device that is used to erase markings from a whiteboard. It is made of a soft, absorbent material that removes markings quickly and easily. A magnetic whiteboard soft eraser is a great alternative to traditional erasers, which can damage the surface of a whiteboard.

How Does a Attractive Dry-Erase Wiper Work?

One of the most common tools for cleaning a whiteboard is an eraser. However, traditional erasers can be difficult to use on boards with a lot of writing or drawings. This is where a magnetic whiteboard soft eraser comes in handy. These erasers are designed to attach to a magnet, which allows them to stick to the board and easily remove any markings.

What are the Benefits of a Magnetic Dry Erase Board Cleaner?

A Magnetic Whiteboard Soft Eraser is an eraser that attaches to a whiteboard with magnets. It is made of a soft material that does not damage the surface of the whiteboard. The Magnetic Whiteboard Soft Eraser can be used to erase markings from a whiteboard without leaving any residue or scratches.






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