Magnetic Signs For Cars


• Best Alternative Of Regular Stickers As Easily Removable And Doesn’t Harm Paint

• Durable

• Waterproof and sunproof

• 0.3mm/0.5mm/0.7mm/0.85mm thickness

• Designed for metal surfaces only






  1. Clean Clean the vehicle surface and magnetic back with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  2. Dry  Let both your vehicle surface and your car magnet air dry completely.
  3. Apply Apply the magnet to a flat, metallic surface without bumps, curves or rust.

We can also make the following types of stickers:

  1. Vinyl sticker
  2. Lettering sticker with transfer/paper film
  3. Transparent vinyl glass sticker
  4. One way vision sticker And so on…….(If you need more customized sticker, please contact me at any time) Company Information


An outdoor car magnet signs with a picture layer on the surface and a flexible magnetic medium layer on the back of the picture layer. Generally speaking, the structure of outdoor car magnet signs is divided into three layers, that is, the surface layer is a picture layer, the middle layer is an adhesive layer, and the back layer is a flexible magnetic medium layer such as a magnetic rubber sheet. When the car sticker is used, the material of the backrest layer is magnetically adsorbed on the car body, and the plasticity of the magnetic rubber sheet can change its shape according to the different absorbing surfaces, and can be removed at any time when it is not needed. Its beneficial effect is that people can replace the decorative car stickers at any time according to their wishes without any impact on the car paint.

The surface of the outdoor car magnet signs material cannot be directly made into a car sticker picture, because the material is magnetic. The machines that make the pictures are all made of metal materials. The magnetism of the car stickers will be adsorbed on the machine, resulting in uneven content of many car stickers and affecting the picture effect.

So this kind of material can only be regarded as a media material, and the car sticker picture must be printed on the photo material first. Then, paste the prepared car sticker picture on this magnetic car sticker material and cut it into shape. The car stickers produced in this way can be regarded as a complete magnetic car sticker material.

The cut outdoor car magnet signs can be directly placed on the surface of the car and absorbed by its own magnetism. No secondary adhesive is required.

The reason why the outdoor car magnet signs cannot stick: there may be air, moisture, dust, etc. on the surface of the sticker, which makes the magnetic sticker fail to stick. It is recommended to clean the window glass before pasting, keep it clean, and then paste the magnetic car stickers.

The difference between ordinary car stickers and magnetic car stickers

  1. Structural difference: Ordinary car stickers have only one layer, while magnetic car stickers are composed of three layers of materials.
  2. Price difference: The same square size of the production screen, the price of magnetic car stickers is much higher than that of ordinary workshops.
  3. Material difference: Ordinary car stickers are indoor photo consumable materials that have been processed and produced. Magnetic car stickers are divided into three layers of picture layer, adhesive layer, and magnetic rubber sheet.
  4. Production difference: Ordinary car stickers use a photo machine to print the picture, and the magnetic car stickers cannot be used for direct printing, but the spray-painted materials are pasted on the magnetic car stickers.
  5. Differences in installation: The adhesive backing material needs to tear off the release paper on the back, and then paste the adhesive side on the car. Just put it on the metal part of the car carefully and accurately, and it will be automatically absorbed.

We are a professional outdoor car magnet signs supplier. If you need customized magnetic car sticker service, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation relationship with you.





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