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By attached between the antenna and the back metal, forming a magnetic conduction channel, which can eliminate the interfere to antenna from metal (Or other sources of interference) , Enable the antenna to transmit a signal normally.


Penghui PHF15010 ferrite sheet

PHF15010 products as the featured products of Penghui, the use of ferrite tablet PHF15010 on NFC is favored by our customers, because of its extremely high magnetic conductivity in the 13.56Mhz, very low magnetic loss, Ability to direct the electromagnetic signal of the 13.56Mhz to the maximum extent, and can greatly avoid the loss of the electromagnetic signal itself. The special performance features of the ferrite tablet PHF15010 dominate it in the NFC field, despite its higher price, but the ferrite tablet PHF15010 can help customers solve the problem of NFC failure faster and better. To restore the true recognition read distance, in the field of NFC metal interference resistance has been irreplaceable.


Ferric oxide piece is made by ceramic process, texture is relatively hard, is also a brittle material, in RFID / NFC application, using its high permeability, low loss characteristics, in handheld electronic devices such as mobile phones to integrate or fit to electronic equipment, as a part of the equipment function, often due to limited space, inevitably RFID label (usually passive) on the surface of conductive objects or near places with metal devices. The alternating electromagnetic field induced by the label under the signal action of the card reader is easily affected by the metal vortex attenuation and greatly weakens the signal strength, resulting in the failure of the reading process. In order to use the product to better read the card, you need to add ferrite tablets to the product.


Application principle of combining RFID / NFC coil module and ferrite tablet:

When a metal sheet with good electrical conductivity is attached to the RFID / NFC coil module, the direction of its magnetic force line changes greatly. The main performance in the magnetic field before and after the metal plate changes, this is the shielding phenomenon. Because there is no magnetic field behind the metal plate, and the direction facing the incident electromagnetic field will also cause the vortex current of the metal plate to generate an electromagnetic field opposite to the direction of the incident electromagnetic field, thus weakening the RFID / NFC coil module magnetic field, or even completely cancel the original magnetic field. After the high magnetic field sheet is placed on the surface of the incident magnetic field metal plate, it can effectively provide an effective path for the magnetic field transmission, so because of the existence of a ferrite sheet, the vortex effect of the metal plate is effectively avoided. By inserting a high-magnetized ferrite sheet between the coil and the metal surface, it will be able to largely avoid the generation of vortices, so that the RFID / NFC coil module can also be safely used on the metal surface.


Appearance and structure of Penghui PHF15010 ferrite sheet:


Penghui PHF15010 ferrite tablet characteristics:

  1. By special process of high temperature sintering, belongs to the brittle material, so the structure of ferrite is divided into three layers, a layer of protective film, the middle layer is ferrite body, the following layer is double tape, three layer form a whole, upper and lower two sides to protect the middle of the ferrite body, ferrite piece not slag, not rotten edge, not transparent light, not volatile;
  2. In the 13.56Mhz has a very high permeability real part, a very low permeability virtual part, its in the RFID / NFC to the electromagnetic signal conductivity is very strong, the loss of the electromagnetic signal is very small, so the effect is very good;
  3. The performance and quality stability of ferrite tablets is very good, which can be used in-40℃ -85℃, and has a wide range of ambient temperature;
  4. Bring ultra-thin non-conductive double-sided adhesive, which can be convenient for customers to stick on the product;
  5. The total thickness of the product used is 0.12mm, which is very thin, flexible, and can be customized according to the size of the customer needs;
  6. The ferrite inductance and high Q value of the film are high, which can bring a better and perfect identification distance to RFID / NFC, and improve the competitiveness and attached value of RFID / NFC;
  7. Can improve RFID electronic labels, antenna, reader, IC card, bus card and other radio frequency electronic products in reading and writing failure when encountering metal, play a role of anti-metal interference;
  8. High price, extremely high performance, suitable for products with high performance requirements;
  9. Through ROHS, HF, REACH certification, with aging resistance characteristics;
  10. Ferrite tablets are not conductive and can be used directly on precise and complex lines.


Application of ferrite sheet

On handheld devices such as payment mobile phones and electronic tags, the main function of ferrite sheet is to reduce the absorption of signal magnetic fields by metal materials, and by increasing the magnetic field strength, the sensing distance can be effectively increased. Payment mobile phone (NFC) payment method is through 13.56 MHz; RFID radio frequency identification system to achieve. The RFID smart label of this application is attached to the back cover of the mobile phone, which can save space to a certain extent. In hand-held electronic devices such as mobile phones, electronic tags should be integrated or attached to electronic devices to function as a component of the device. Often due to limited space, it is inevitable to attach RFID tags (usually passive) to metal, etc. The surface of the conductive object or attached to the place where there is a metal device in the vicinity. In this way, the alternating electromagnetic field induced by the tag excited by the signal from the card reader is easily attenuated by the eddy current of the metal, which greatly weakens the signal strength, resulting in the failure of the reading process. Therefore, in order for the product to be able to better read the card, it is necessary to add absorbing materials to the product. Ferrite sheets have begun to be widely used in micro-payment mobile phones and radio frequency fields.


Ferrite sheet is a non-metallic magnetic material, known as ferrite sheet. Its production process is mainly sintered by ferric oxide and other metal oxides. Its relative magnetic permeability can be as high as several thousand, and its resistivity It is 1011 times that of metal, and the eddy current loss is small, which is suitable for making high-frequency electromagnetic devices. Now it is a non-metallic magnetic material that is widely used in the field of high frequency and weak current.

There are also many types of ferrite sheets, among which permanent magnet ferrite is also a commonly used material, mainly because it can retain strong magnetic properties for a long time, can be used for a long time and generate a magnetic field, that’s why it’s called permanent ferrite.

The ferrite sheet is used for the magnetic film of the NFC antenna to resist the interference of metal shielding and enhance the receiving sensitivity of the induction signal. The 13.56MHZ antenna ferrite sheet/film is a high-temperature sintered ferrite material. In handheld devices such as NFC payment mobile phones, the main function of electronic tags is to reduce the absorption of signal magnetic fields by metal materials. At the same time, the ferrite film itself is a high-temperature sintered ferrite material. By increasing the magnetic field strength, it can effectively increase the Sensing distance. As a professional nfc flexible ferrite sheet manufacturer, we look forward to establishing a sincere partnership with you, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


Penghui PHF15010 ferrite tablet specification:



  1. The product is kept at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and high humidity;
  2. The above data are averaged from the multiple actual tests of the company, and the company has the right to make the final interpretation;
  3. The buyer must determine whether the product is suitable for a specific use and whether it is suitable for the buyer’s application mode. Many factors will affect the performance of the product for a specific use. If you have any questions about the company’s products, please contact the company personnel, so that we can better serve you.

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