EMI suppressor sheet

EMI suppressor sheet is a flexible impact-resistant soft magnetic material made of magnetic materials and resins. It is an electromagnetic noise suppression product that can suppress radiated magnetic sounds generated by electronic equipment within a wide frequency range.


Raw material: alloy soft magnetic powder + resin
Standard width(mm):150/200
Standard length(m):0~100
The principle is to convert the interference microwave in the electronic equipment into heat loss. The main frequency range of the EMI suppressor sheet is from 100MHz to 6GHz. For different frequency ranges and applications, we use different magnetic materials, and we can design special specifications according to the frequency range, antenna size, and so on to satisfy the customers. EMI suppressor sheet has good shielding against electromagnetic radiation, anti-electromagnetic wave, anti-electromagnetic wave, anti-electromagnetic wave, anti-electromagnetic wave, anti-electromagnetic wave, and so on.
It has good shielding of electromagnetic radiation, anti-electromagnetic wave interference, and anti-static function. It can be used to suppress electronic noise and reduce electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation. EMI suppression sheet has passed the relevant certification, widely used in laptop computers, tablet computers, smartphones, smart TV sets, wireless network cards, mobile base stations, medical equipment, and other electronic and electrical products inside the chassis.

emi suppressor sheet

EMI suppressor sheet is a flexible impact-resistant soft magnetic material made of magnetic material and resin, etc. It is an electromagnetic noise suppression product that can suppress the radiated magnetic sound generated by electronic devices in a wide band frequency range.

EMI suppressor sheet has a wide range of application frequencies, easy placement, high processing flexibility, flexibility, conductivity, noise reduction, and other characteristics, in smartphones, notebook computers, automotive electronics, air conditioning, wireless chargers, and other fields are widely used. In recent years, as the popularity of electronic devices continues to improve, the electromagnetic noise suppression sheet market demand is gradually released.

Electromagnetic interference is easy to cause information failure, equipment failure, and ignition fire, serious electromagnetic radiation has a great impact on the environment, and the human body. At present, electronic equipment has become an essential part of residents’ lives, and the widespread use of electronic equipment, the electromagnetic interference brought about by the increasing, consumer safety awareness, electronic equipment to reduce magnetic noise has become the focus of industry research, electromagnetic noise suppression sheet market attention to enhance. At the same time, along with technological advances, the market for electromagnetic noise suppressor sheet performance, quality and volume, and other higher requirements, the EMI suppressor sheet industry gradually to ultra-thin, miniaturization, efficiency, and other directions to upgrade.

According to the different thicknesses of the product, the electromagnetic noise suppression sheet can be divided into higher than 0.1mm, 0.05mm-0.1mm, 0-0.05mm and other types, which is higher than 0.1mm electromagnetic noise suppressor sheet is the current market mainstream products, the market share of nearly 44%. From the market application, EMI suppressor sheet is mainly used in the field of consumer electronics, the application accounted for about 37%.

EMI suppressor sheet is a material used to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It is usually made of conductive materials that can absorb and reflect electromagnetic waves, thereby reducing the spread of electromagnetic noise and interference. EMI suppressor sheet is usually used in electronic products, communications equipment, automobiles, aircraft, and other fields to reduce electromagnetic radiation and protect the circuit from electromagnetic interference. In circuit design, an EMI suppressor sheet is also often used as an EMI filter and EMI shielding material.

The electromagnetic noise suppression sheet is extremely light and thin but has a high EMI noise suppression effect. It is also flexible and practical and can be used at the corners. It is ideal for use in electronic products that are becoming thinner, lighter, and more miniaturized. Moreover, the materials used to make up this product are all non-magnetic, so there is no need to limit the area of use.

In general, an electromagnetic noise suppression sheet has high electrical conductivity, good electromagnetic wave absorption, high-temperature stability, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics. Common EMI suppressor sheet materials include copper foil, aluminum foil, nickel alloy, carbon fiber, etc. Among them, copper foil is one of the most commonly used materials, because it has good conductivity and processability, and can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes of EMI suppressor sheets.

In recent years, along with the popularity of electronic equipment, electromagnetic interference is becoming more and more serious, EMI suppressor sheet market demand has increased, and the future development of the industry has broad space. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, electronic equipment to ultra-thin, miniaturization direction, in this context, the market requirements for electromagnetic noise suppressor sheets also gradually enhance, EMI suppressor sheet industry development also continues to ultra-thin, miniaturization, high efficiency and other directions to upgrade.

Application of EMI suppressor sheet

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) suppressor sheets, also known as EMI shielding sheets or materials, are used to mitigate electromagnetic interference in electronic devices and components. They are designed to block or reduce the transmission of electromagnetic waves, which can cause interference and disrupt the proper functioning of sensitive electronic circuits. Here are some common applications of EMI suppressor sheets:
  1. Electronics Enclosures: EMI suppressor sheets are often used in the construction of electronic device enclosures to prevent external electromagnetic radiation from entering or exiting the enclosure. This helps to maintain the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the device and prevents it from interfering with nearby electronic equipment.
  2. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs): EMI suppressor sheets can be placed on PCBs to shield sensitive components and traces from electromagnetic interference. They are commonly used in high-frequency circuits, RF (Radio Frequency) circuits, and digital circuits where noise and interference must be minimized.
  3. Mobile Devices: Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices use EMI suppressor sheets to reduce electromagnetic interference, ensuring that the wireless communication components (e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular) operate smoothly without interference from other electronic circuits within the device.
  4. Computers and Laptops: EMI suppressor sheets are utilized in computers and laptops to prevent the emission of electromagnetic interference from internal components and to protect sensitive internal circuitry from external interference.
  5. Automotive Electronics: Modern vehicles have various electronic systems, including infotainment systems, navigation, and safety systems. EMI suppressor sheets are employed in automotive electronics to ensure proper functioning without interference from the vehicle’s electrical systems or external sources.
  6. Medical Devices: Medical equipment often contains sensitive electronics that must function accurately without interference. EMI suppressor sheets are used in medical devices to prevent external interference and maintain the reliability and safety of the equipment.
  7. Aerospace and Defense: In aerospace and defense applications, EMI suppressor sheets are used to protect critical electronic systems from electromagnetic interference, which can be especially important in avionics and military communication systems.
  8. Consumer Electronics: Various consumer electronics like audio equipment, televisions, and gaming consoles use EMI suppressor sheets to reduce electromagnetic interference, improving performance and reducing potential interference with other nearby devices.
  9. Industrial Control Systems: Industrial electronic control systems often operate in harsh environments with a high potential for electromagnetic interference. EMI suppressor sheets help maintain the stability and reliability of these systems.

Why EMI Suppressor Sheets are Important

EMI suppressor sheets are an important tool for ensuring that electronic devices are able to function properly in the presence of electromagnetic interference. Without these sheets, devices can be vulnerable to a variety of problems, including decreased performance and even device failure. EMI suppressor sheets can also help reduce the amount of interference generated by electronic devices, which can help reduce the impact of EMI on other devices in the same vicinity.

How EMI Suppressor Sheets Work

EMI suppressor sheets work by absorbing and diffusing electromagnetic energy. This is accomplished through a variety of mechanisms, depending on the type of suppressor sheet being used. For example, ferrite suppressor sheets work by absorbing magnetic energy, while conductive polymer sheets work by dissipating electrical energy.

Different Types of EMI Suppressor Sheets

There are several different types of EMI suppressor sheets available on the market today. Some of the most common types include ferrite sheets, conductive polymer sheets, and metal particle sheets. Each of these types of suppressor sheets has its own unique properties and characteristics, which make them suitable for different applications.

Choosing the Right EMI Suppressor Sheet for Your Application

Choosing the right EMI suppressor sheet for your application is critical for ensuring that your electronic devices are able to function properly in the presence of electromagnetic interference. When choosing a suppressor sheet, it is important to consider factors such as the frequency range of the EMI, the size and shape of the device, and the operating environment.

How to Install EMI Suppressor Sheets

Installing EMI suppressor sheets is a relatively simple process that can be accomplished using a variety of methods. The most common method is to simply place the suppressor sheet over the electronic device, ensuring that it covers all of the sensitive components. It is also possible to attach the suppressor sheet using adhesive or other mechanical fasteners.

Testing for EMC Compliance with EMI Suppressor Sheets

Testing for EMC compliance is an important part of ensuring that electronic devices are able to function properly in the presence of electromagnetic interference. This testing involves subjecting the device to a variety of electromagnetic fields and measuring its performance in the presence of these fields. EMI suppressor sheets can be used during this testing to help reduce the impact of EMI on the device.

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