Electromagnetic Wave Absorber

Electromagnetic absorbers can be used in many fields, such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, electronic equipment protection, communication equipment, radar and satellite communications and other fields. It can help products meet the requirements of EMC testing, protect the circuit from interference.



An electromagnetic wave absorber, also known as electromagnetic wave absorbing material, is used to absorb electromagnetic waves. It primarily consists of electromagnetic wave-absorbing material, a substrate, and a conductive layer. This device helps to consume and effectively absorb electromagnetic wave energy, thus reducing the reflection and interference of the waves.

The electromagnetic absorber is widely used in multiple fields, including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, electronic equipment protection, communication equipment, radar, and satellite communication. It helps products meet the requirements of EMC testing, protects the circuit from interference, protects human health, and reduces the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body.

The wave absorption performance and application effect of electromagnetic absorbers depends on the material type and production process. Common electromagnetic wave-absorbing materials are soft magnetic, nano-absorbing, and porous absorbing materials. Soft magnetic materials absorb electromagnetic waves in the high-frequency range due to their high permeability and low hysteresis loss. Nano-absorbing materials, having a high specific surface area, show excellent wave absorption performance and can absorb electromagnetic waves in the low and high-frequency range. Porous absorbers are used to control the pore structure and morphology of the material to achieve regulation of wave absorption performance.

To recap, an electromagnetic absorber is a device that shields electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference and high-frequency radiation. It helps products meet the requirements of EMC testing and protects the circuit from interference. The wave absorption performance and application effect of electromagnetic absorbers depends on the material type and production process.

In light of the rapid development of science and technology and the electronics industry, electromagnetic interference and radio frequency or radio interference have led to new environmental pollution. These new forms of pollution affect the performance of electronic products and can cause serious harm to humans and other living organisms. As a result, international regulations require electronic products to meet strict magnetization coefficients and emission guidelines.

Applications of Electromagnetic Absorber:

  1. Suppression of radiation noise and internal electromagnetic interference of electronic devices.
  2. Noise suppression within the system is applied in the quasi-microwave range.
  3. Improvement of the distance of electromagnetic signal identification and prevent interference between the loop antenna and the adjacent metal objects.
  4. Used in communication equipment, office electronics, computers, home appliances, automotive equipment, radar, ETC (electronic non-stop toll system), wireless equipment, and military applications.

Performance Characteristics of Electromagnetic Absorber:

  1. Excellent electromagnetic wave absorption performance in the microwave range.
  2. Thin, lightweight, flexible, and reliable for various applications.
  3. Good performance in noise suppression at high permeability.
  4. High resistance and thermal resistance.
  5. Available in various shapes and sizes upon request.

Product Shape of Electromagnetic Absorber:

Available in roll film, sheet film, dark gray, or silver.

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