Electromagnetic shielding fabric shielding film

By attached between the antenna and the back metal, forming a magnetic conduction channel, which can eliminate the interfere to antenna from metal (Or other sources of interference) , Enable the antenna to transmit a signal normally.


Penghui NFS150 series RF absorbing film

Penghui NFS150 series RF chip / RF magnetic diaphragm products as a high-end series RF chip in many products. Its excellent performance makes it use more and more customers in the increasingly competitive market. In spite of its high price tag, but it can help customers solve their product problems faster and better, its thinnest thickness of 0.05mm is also a major advantage of this product, and it is very soft, widely used in RFID anti-metal electronic tags, NFC antenna anti-interference, Flexible FPC anti-interference, and many other scenarios, Penghui NFS150 series products without glue thickness of 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, can help customers to solve the interference of the use environment (common interference source is metal, It can also be a PCB, Components, etc.) and cause the product can not be used normally problems.


With the development of the Internet of things, the application of RF wave absorbing chip in RFID label has been very common, and RFID anti-metal electronic label is also applied in various environments, including logistics management, warehouse management, asset management and other places. So what is the role of  emi shielding film in RFID anti-metal label?


In RFID frequency range, electromagnetic wave encounter metal surface, due to the vortex phenomenon, produced a strong electromagnetic wave reflection, and between the reflected electromagnetic wave and incident wave phase difference, lead to mutual offset, the real effective electromagnetic field is quickly reduced, because the lower the resistivity of metal material, the greater the vortex loss will be, the more serious the metal problem. Therefore, when the antenna is subjected to extreme metal interference, the instructions issued by the card reader will completely disappear, so the reading result of the data fails.RF plate is mainly using high magnetic conductivity characteristics, when use, the plate inserted RFID anti-metal label between the back antenna and metal substrate, increase the inductive magnetic field through the RF itself reduce the chance of the metal plate, to reduce the induced vortex in the metal plate, RF plate and reduce the loss of inductive magnetic field, because the RF diaphragm insert, the measured parasitic capacitance will reduce, reduce frequency offset, consistent with the resonance frequency of the card reader, thus greatly improve the reading effect and distance.


Some projects in life will encounter a variety of environments, such as high and low temperature, liquid, cement wall, strong magnetic, metal and so on.

For example, in the metal environment, in the high frequency (HF) and ultra high F (UHF) radio frequency identification label system, the identification of labels on metal carriers is particularly difficult, because metal obstacles can reflect and interfere with electromagnetic waves. At present, there are four main ways to effectively grasp the information on the metal surface:

  1. Adopt the RF wave absorber sheet to absorb the excess electromagnetic waves;
  2. Mad height design;
  3. The bel antenna bandwidth should be sufficient;
  4. Grounding-type antenna design.

At present, our common way is to adopt RF absorption chip and pad high two ways to cooperate, the ideal way is to design the antenna with large bandwidth, and then use RF absorption chip to pad high, so as to achieve the best effect.


Penghui NFS150 series RF suction / RF diaphragm appearance structure


  1. By ultra-high conductive magnetic soft magnetic powder + environmental protection polymer material flow extension pressure synthesis, the thinnest can be 0.05mm thickness, with very good softness; absorbing chip surface smooth and delicate, no powder, no rotten edge, no light transmission, no volatile;
  2. In 13.56Mhz has a very high magnetic conductivity real part, very low magnetic conductivity virtual part, its frequency on the electromagnetic signal conduction ability, the loss of electromagnetic signal is very small, so the effect is very good;
  3. With high permeability reality and high permeability deficiency in the UHF frequency band, it can be used both to resist metal interference and to prevent serial reading and misreading between the UHF.
  4. The quality and stability of the absorbent sheet is very good, which can be used in-40℃ -120℃, with a wide range of ambient temperature use;
  5. The thinnest bare material 0.05mm, add glue 0.08mm, very good softness, can be very good flexible FPC label for use, a variety of thickness, for customers to choose freely;
  6. The wave-absorbing chip has high inductance and high Q value. Combined with debugging can bring better identification distance to anti-metal products, and increase the competitiveness and attached value of anti-metal products;
  7. Can improve RFID electronic labels, antenna, reader, IC card, bus card and other radio frequency electronic products in reading and writing failure when encountering metal, play a role of anti-metal interference;
  8. High price, high performance, suitable for products with high performance requirements and no cost requirements;
  9. Through ROHS, HF, REACH certification, with aging resistance characteristics.


Penghui NFS150 series RF absorbing chip / RF diaphragm specifications


  1. The product is kept at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and high humidity;
  2. The above data are averaged from the multiple actual tests of the company, and the company has the right to make the final interpretation;
  3. The buyer must determine whether the product is suitable for a specific use and whether it is suitable for the buyer’s application mode. Many factors will affect the performance of the product for a specific use. If you have any questions about the company’s products, please contact the company personnel, so that we can better serve you.


EMI shielding film absorber is a composite material with excellent absorbing ability to electromagnetic waves. This wave absorbing material is a composite material formed by physically refining the alloy and treating it with a magnetic field to form a magnetic alloy with high magnetic permeability, and uniformly dispersing it in a polymer. The RFID system consists of an electronic tag or a non-contact smart card (such as a smart phone with a swipe card function) placed on an identified object and a device that issues instructions to the electronic tag and collects feedback information from the electronic tag, which is also known as the RFID card reader or the reader is composed of two parts. In order to allow other devices to display or use these data, an interface with the RS232 protocol can generally be installed on the reader, so that information can be transmitted with external devices.


The absorbing principle of absorbing material in RFID

After more than ten years of development in China’s RFID industry, the technology is now relatively mature, especially in the past two years. Under the background of the country’s active encouragement and vigorous promotion of the healthy development of the industry, with the continuous advancement of the Internet of Things by various factors, it has been maintained. A steady upward trend of development. Because the absorbing material is a kind of magnetic functional material with high magnetic permeability, it is usually made by filling some absorbing agent evenly on the polymer material through a special process. Compared with absorbing materials in the traditional sense, this kind of absorbing materials for 13.56MHz performance is different in performance characterization and usage principles. Traditional absorbing materials are mainly used in military confrontation. Some aircraft, warships and armored tanks that cover and confuse the opponent’s radar reconnaissance have microwave segments with high frequency, and the application analysis is also a far-field model.


what is emi shielding film

The emi shielding film is used to shield electromagnetic interference. The interference of electromagnetic radiation in electronic products will cause the picture to become blurred. The shielding ability of the electromagnetic shielding film produced by PH can be called a must. It is also widely used in the military field and has excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance.

emi shielding film is also called EMI protective film, or absorbing material. Mainly after punching, by pressing on the glue-free copper clad plate or the cover film, it can weaken or eliminate the electromagnetic interference of the internal circuit.

The emi shielding film is composed of a highly conductive adhesive layer with an insulating layer, the emi shielding film has good flexibility and grounding conductivity, and has a good shielding effect.

emi shielding film is being widely used in mobile phone hubs and camera modules, which require less interference. Applied to line electromagnetic shielding of consumer electronic products (smartphones, tablet computers, touch panels, digital cameras, LCD TVs, etc.).

At present, with the emphasis on electromagnetic interference, emi shielding film is widely used in the FPC industry.

Market application of emi shielding film

Electromagnetic shielding is one of the effective methods widely used in electromagnetic compatibility engineering to suppress electromagnetic disturbance. The so-called shielding is to use a shielding body made of conductive and magnetically conductive material to limit the electromagnetic wave within a certain range, so that the electromagnetic wave is suppressed or attenuated when it is coupled or radiated from one side of the shielding body to the other side. 3C products such as notebook computers, GPS, ADSL, and mobile phones will generate noise due to high-frequency electromagnetic interference, affecting the quality of communication. As an experienced emi shielding film supplier, PH has many years of production experience and the product quality is guaranteed. Please feel free to contact us if you need.

The main application fields of emi shielding film: mobile phones, electronic equipment, high-frequency equipment, microwave active devices, shielding boxes, clutter suppression of radar and microwave communication systems, anti-electromagnetic interference and other technical fields. According to different application frequency bands, the thickness and formula of functional materials can be adjusted to make electromagnetic absorption film without thickness and function, and its thickness is 0.1-1.0mm. We are an experienced electromagnetic shielding film supplier, if you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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