Custom Muti-color dry erase white board marker set with magnet and eraser

Whiteboard marker pen purchase and use reminder:
1. Cover the lid after use, so as not to volatilize the ink.
2. When the handwriting is too long to wipe, wipe with water or alcohol is recommended, please not to clean up with other unknown solvents, so as not to destroy the board surface;
3. Our whiteboard pen is easy to write and wipe, keeps the handwriting for a month, and can also easily wipe off.


A whiteboard marker with eraser is a tool for writing on a whiteboard, similar to chalk on a blackboard. This pen uses ink as ink, which can be written on a smooth whiteboard and erased with a whiteboard eraser. Whiteboard markers contain chemical raw materials, which will smell of chemical raw materials. After the ink is solidified, a layer of mucous film is formed on the surface, which becomes strips or block particles after wiping, without any stain remaining on the board or the eraser. Today, the editor will introduce to you the types of whiteboard markers and tips on what to do when the whiteboard markers are dry.

Types of whiteboard marker with eraser

According to the ink, it can be divided into alcohol-based ink whiteboard markers with erasers and water-based ink whiteboard marker. The whiteboard markers on the market are generally alcohol-based whiteboard markers. Due to technical problems, the technology of water-based whiteboard markers is not yet mature, and the quality is not stable, so the output is small, and it is still in the exploratory stage. The use of water-based whiteboard markers is also related to the region. It is better to use it in dry climates in the north. If the air humidity is high during the rainy season in the south, it will affect the use of water-based whiteboard markers.

According to the structure, it can be divided into disposable whiteboard markers, refillable whiteboard markers, straight liquid whiteboard markers, air pressure whiteboard markers, etc. The structure of a whiteboard marker with an eraser is roughly composed of pen head, cotton core, pen barrel, pen cap and pen tail. Disposable whiteboard markers are popular because they are economical and practical, and the development cost is low. The disadvantage is that they are thrown away after use, resulting in a waste of resources. The structure of the refillable whiteboard pen is similar to that of the disposable whiteboard pen, except that there is an unscrewed device at the front end of the pen barrel, which can be unscrewed to add whiteboard pen ink after writing. Straight liquid whiteboard pens have disposable and replaceable refills. The disposable is simple in structure, and the entire pen holder can hold ink. The pneumatic whiteboard pen has a complex structure. There is an air bag and a spring device in the pen barrel, which has a large ink storage capacity and smooth writing. Some domestic researchers have removed the spring device in the whiteboard pen, and the function of the spring can be realized through the rubber bowl.

What should I do if the whiteboard marker with eraser is dry?

In daily life and work, it is very common for whiteboard marker with eraser to be dried naturally. This is because many people do not follow the normal usage rules when using whiteboard markers. Especially if you throw it away at random after use, and don’t cover the tip of the pen with nose hair, this will cause the whiteboard marker with eraser to be air-dried. The way to prevent whiteboard markers is very simple. Just cover the nose hair back after using the whiteboard marker.

What we want to talk about today is, once the whiteboard marker is air-dried, does it mean that the whiteboard marker is scrapped? The answer is of course not. After the whiteboard marker is air-dried, there are still ways to make it work normally.

  1. Use nail polish remover. Take off the cap of the whiteboard pen, put some nail polish remover in the cap, put the pen tip on the cap and put it upside down for about five minutes before it can be used again. This method is suitable for whiteboard markers and all water-based and oil-based colored pens.
  2. If the whiteboard pen has not been used for a long time, the ink in the refill may also be dried out. Just fill in an appropriate amount of refill liquid and it will be ready to use. This is probably the easiest way to deal with dried-out whiteboard markers.
  3. You can go directly to the supermarket to buy a bottle of whiteboard pen water, just add a little whiteboard pen water to the tip of the pen. If you find it troublesome, you can also add some alcohol.
  4. If there is still ink in the refill of the whiteboard pen, you need to clean the pen tip, and then soak it in warm water for 5 minutes, and it will be the same as a new one when you use it again.
  5. It is best to wear disposable latex gloves when repairing, otherwise, it will not be easy to wash off if it gets on your hands, or you can try to put some water or oil in the refill.






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