Anti-interence wireless charging ferrite sheet

By attached to the coil, increase the coil inductance,reduce the metal caused by vortex flow resistance of heat, metal coil in magnetic interference, improve the charging efficiency.


WLS40 series of wireless charging ferrite sheet products as Shenzhen  Penghui of a main use in consumer electronics wireless charging module diaphragm, this series of products without glue thickness has 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm (such as customer usage, can customize other special thickness), can meet the customer demand of all kinds of wireless charging application, low price, excellent performance, favored by customers.


In the growing pursuit of new technology, new ideas, new trend of market environment, wireless charging ferrite sheet technology has gradually become many high-tech enterprises for the technical commanding heights, digital products, smart home, electric car research and development of production and sales enterprises are in the wireless charging technology to join their products, increase the product market competitiveness and selling point.


There are four main relatively mature wireless charging ferrite sheet technologies: electromagnetic induction, electric magnetic resonance, radio wave and photoelectric conversion. However, it is also faced with four obstacles: short charging distance, low transmission efficiency, easy interference and radiation. Among them, electromagnetic induction wireless charging ferrite sheet has become the best choice of electronic products represented by mobile phones with relatively low technology development and production cost, relatively good charging efficiency and good miniaturization design.


Penghui WLS40 series wave absorption material diaphragm application in electromagnetic induction wireless charging, electromagnetic induction wireless charging technology uses the magnetic flux in the receiving coil changes with the cross transformation field of the transmitting coil, and the change of magnetic flux generates induced electromotive force and induced current to realize wireless charging.


In order to improve the charging efficiency must improve the transmission coil and accept the magnetic flux between the coil, add between them absorbing material (magnetic diaphragm) effectively for magnetic induction wire provides a low impedance path, isolated the surrounding metal objects on energy transmission, very good play the effect of magnetic flux and anti-interference, and make the use of less turns of coil can produce higher inductance, so further reduce the coil resistance, improve the power utilization rate, reduce the heating situation.


As a fashionable and convenient charging method, wireless chargers are more and more favored by consumers, and are developing rapidly in the field of consumer electronic products such as mobile phones and game consoles. However, wireless chargers have disadvantages such as easy heat generation, short induction distance, long charging time, and low charging efficiency when charging. The reason is that the electromagnetic field interacts with the surrounding metal environment to generate electronic eddy currents that are dissipated in the form of heat energy, wasting magnetic energy Magnetic induction weak charging distance shortened. In order to improve the charging efficiency and ensure the safety of use, the current mainstream solution is to attach a wave absorbing sheet|magnetic isolation sheet to the back of the transmitter and receiver coils of the wireless charger to improve the charging efficiency; increase the induction distance and save electricity.

Because the wave absorbing sheet|magnetic isolation sheet is attached to the bottom of the transmitter and receiver coils:

  1. It will provide a smooth magnetic path for the sympathetic electromagnetic field.
  2. Prevent the sympathetic electromagnetic field from interacting with the surrounding metal environment to generate eddy currents and waste heat and electricity.


Penghui WLS40 series RF absorbing / RF diaphragm appearance structure

anti-interence wireless charging ferrite sheet

anti-interence wireless charging ferrite sheet


Penghui WLS40 absorbing chip (magnetic diaphragm) characteristics

  1. Made of iron-based alloy soft magnetic powder + environmental protection polymer material composite, with softness, easy to cut, can be customized in size;
  2. With a moderate magnetic permeability real part and a relatively low magnetic permeability virtual part, it can play an excellent magnetic conduction effect;
  3. Soft material, can be single-sided back adhesive or double-sided back adhesive, easy cutting, but also convenient to use;
  4. The inductance value of the material is stable and the impedance is moderate, ensuring the stability of the charging effect;
  5. The thinnest bare material 0.1mm, add glue 0.13mm, can be used in the thickness of the very small charging module;
  6. The surface of the material is smooth, smooth, do not drop powder, not rotten edge, not transparent to light, not volatile;
  7. Low price, customers can use it on a large scale, and reduce the cost of use;
  8. Through ROHS, HF, REACH certification, with aging resistance characteristics.


Penghui WLS40 series RF absorbing / RF diaphragm specifications

anti-interence wireless charging ferrite sheet

What is the principle of the wireless charging ferrite sheet:

The main magnetic materials used in wireless charging ferrite sheets are: NdFeB permanent magnets, NiZn ferrite thin magnetic isolation sheets, MnZn ferrite thin magnetic isolation sheets, flexible ferrite magnetic isolation sheets; soft ferrite materials are used. As the main component of the wireless charging technology, the various magnetic isolation sheets produced play the role of increasing the induced magnetic field and shielding the coil interference in the wireless charging device. Wireless charging ferrite sheet has higher requirements on soft ferrite material performance, product size, reliability, etc., and the receiving end has higher requirements on it.

Wireless charging ferrite sheet In mobile devices such as smartphones that are suitable for wireless charging, the receiving coil and ferrite magnetic isolation sheet mounted on it are required to be as thin as possible. However, the properties and thickness of the magnetic material require careful design. This is because if the magnetic sheet is too thin, it will cause a problem of magnetic saturation. If magnetic saturation occurs, the inductance of the coil will suddenly decrease, potentially hindering the wireless charging process.

Wireless charger refers to a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic wave induction for charging. There is a coil at the sending end and the receiving end. The sending end coil is connected to the wired power supply to generate an electromagnetic signal, and the receiving end coil induces the electromagnetic signal at the sending end to generate a current to charge the battery. The wireless charging ferrite sheet attached to the transmitting end antenna can enhance the magnetic field strength of the coil, and at the same time has a high magnetic convergence effect; the wireless charging ferrite sheet is placed on the receiving end antenna to prevent the metal conductor from attenuating interference to the magnetic field, and plays the role of metal isolation to prevent energy waste and improve charging efficiency.

Taking wireless charging as an example, the wireless charging ferrite sheet plays the role of magnetic permeability drop resistance and magnetic isolation shielding in wireless charging. The advantage of wireless charging ferrite sheet lies in the cost, especially when selecting materials for high-power transmitters, the cost of nanocrystalline soft magnetics may be more than twice that of ferrite soft magnetics. At this time, the cost-effective advantage of ferrite soft magnetic materials is highlighted.

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  1. The product is kept at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and high humidity;
  2. The above data are averaged from the multiple actual tests of the company, and the company has the right to make the final interpretation;
  3. The buyer must determine whether the product is suitable for a specific use and whether it is suitable for the buyer’s application mode. Many factors will affect the performance of the product for a specific use. If you have any questions about the company’s products, please contact the company personnel, so that we can better serve you.

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