Antenna Ferrite Sheet for RFID NFC Ferrite Plate

By attached between the antenna and the back metal, forming a magnetic conduction channel, which can eliminate the interfere to antenna from metal (Or other sources of interference) , Enable the antenna to transmit a signal normally.





Shenzhen Penghui’s NFS20 series RF absorption chips/RF diaphragm products are widely used in the RF industry due to their stable performance and are favored by customers. These chips have a thickness of 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, and other custom thicknesses for mass usage. This product is widely used in RFID labels, smart cards, PCB antennas, flexible antennas, mobile phone shells, card packages, and other products. It helps customers solve problems with interference from metal, PCBs, components, and other sources that can cause product failure. As a professional NFC absorber manufacturer, we welcome enquiries about our products.

The frequency standards for RFID have been established and accepted by the industry. 13.56MHz high-frequency RFID technology is widely used in stable performance and reasonable price. It is used in bus cards, mobile phone payments, and is popular in South Korea, Japan, and other countries. RFID electronic tags are often used in metal environments where the metal reflects electromagnetic waves and the card reading distance is reduced, causing interference. An RF wave absorbing sheet is placed on the back of the electronic tag to solve this issue.

An RF wave absorbing sheet is a type of magnetic functional material that has magnetic conductivity, with absorbers evenly filled on the polymer material, and is made with a special process. These chips are mainly used in civilian electronic equipment to provide the path for the magnetic field. It has the characteristics of high magnetic conductivity and low magnetic loss at the use frequency. When the use frequency is above the use frequency, the loss will increase. They also have the property of a low-pass filter. However, due to its flexible and convenient installation, it is becoming popular with research and development engineers.

Penghui NFS20 Series RF Suction/RF Diaphragm Appearance Structure

antenna ferrite sheet for rfid nfc ferrite plate

antenna ferrite sheet for rfid nfc ferrite plate

Penghui NFS20 Series RF Absorbing Chip/RF Diaphragm Features

  1. Composite material made of iron-based alloy soft magnetic powder environmental protection polymer material;
  2. One or two-sided non-conductive double-sided adhesive;
  3. Thin thickness for use in a narrow space;
  4. Smooth surface without powder or rotten edge;
  5. Reduces RFID electronic labels, antennas, reader, IC card, bus card, and other radio frequency electronic products’ reading and writing failures when encountering metal;
  6. Low price;
  7. ROHS, HF certified with aging resistance characteristics.

Penghui NFS20 Series RF Absorbing Chip/RF Diaphragm Specifications

antenna ferrite sheet for rfid nfc ferrite plate


  1. Product kept at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, and temperature;
  2. The data is averaged from multiple actual tests; company has the right to make the final interpretation;
  3. Buyer must determine if the product is suitable for a specific use and application mode. Many factors will affect the product’s performance for a specific use.

The Purpose of NFC Absorber:

  1. Absorb electromagnetic radiation and interference;
  2. Isolate the coupling interference caused by the segment between two adjacent elements;
  3. Reduce the instability caused by radiation interference;
  4. Prevent electromagnetic wave leakage;
  5. Reduce the surface current induced by the shield;
  6. Isolate or block interference on circuits such as motherboards, high-frequency electronic components, communication products, GPS, notebook computers, and TVs.

Ferrite wave-absorbing material is a flexible absorber material, typically a roll material. It is thin, soft, and flexible, with one side covered with adhesive. After peeling off the release paper, it can be attached directly to the product. Depending on the field of use, it can be classified as absorbing materials, absorbing sheets, ferrite sheets, magnetic insulating sheets, and other types. It is used in electronic equipment to absorb noise and eliminate electromagnetic interference within the equipment to achieve electromagnetic compatibility. It is used in NFC and RFID antennas to prevent metal interference to electromagnetic waves and improve reading sensitivity. It is also used on the wireless charger’s transmitter and receiver coils to prevent the coils from heating and wasting electric energy during charging.

Features of NFC Absorber:

  1. Soft, with excellent flexibility and processability;
  2. Lightweight and can be installed in small spaces;
  3. Large absorption attenuation and small reflection attenuation;
  4. Easy to use, just stick the product in the proper position in the device.

NFC absorber can serve as a noise absorber for various electronics such as mobile devices, notebook computers, tablet computers, digital cameras, mobile phone FPC/FPC; it can reduce electromagnetic radiation generated by the central processing unit (CPU), reduce EMI (resonance, crosstalk, etc.) inside the shielding frame. It can also be used in LCD color TVs, DVDs, DVBs, all-in-one computers, TV tuners, GPS navigators, and other anti-electromagnetic purposes.



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