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The products are mainly classified into absorber sheet, EMI suppressor sheet, sintered ferrite sheet, electromagnetic shielding coating and other electromagnetic functional materials.The product has the characteristics of absorbing and shielding electromagnetic waves, increasing magnetic flux, resisting metal interference and magnetic field isolation.It is widely used in wireless charging module, RFID electronic tag, smart card, NFC module, EMI, EMC and other fields.

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EMC absorber material Introduction

EMC absorbing material refers to a type of material that absorbs or greatly weakens the electromagnetic wave energy received by its surface, thereby reducing the interference of electromagnetic waves. EMC absorbing materials include two requirements: On the one hand, it means that the electromagnetic interference generated by the equipment to the environment during normal operation cannot exceed a certain limit (EMI); On the other hand, it means that the appliance has a certain degree of immunity to electromagnetic interference existing in the environment, namely electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS).

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