Using EMI Absorbers to Reduce Interference and Enhance System Performance

EMI absorbers, also known as suppressed enclosures or shielded enclosures, are designed to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). EMI absorbers are used in a wide variety of industries to reduce EMI and RFI in electronic components, motors, cables, wiring, and other devices that may emit or have EMI and RFI interference.

EMI absorbers consist of a non-conductive material that absorbs EMI and RFI frequencies and prevents them from entering or exiting a device or component. The material is typically a foam, which is then laminated to a metal shield. The metal shield is designed to block EMI and RFI signals from entering or exiting the system. By blocking these signals, the EMI absorber helps to reduce interference and improve system performance.

Benefits of EMI Absorbers

EMI absorbers offer a number of benefits:

  • Reduced Interference: EMI absorbers help reduce interference by blocking EMI and RFI signals, resulting in improved system performance.
  • Improved Signal Integrity: Since EMI absorbers block out unwanted frequencies, they can improve signal integrity by reducing signal noise.
  • Longer Component Lifespan: Since EMI absorbers help reduce interference, they can help to extend the life of electronic components and increase their reliability.
  • Cost Savings: Since EMI absorbers help reduce interference, they can help to reduce system costs by improving system performance and reliability.


EMI absorbers offer many benefits, from improved signal integrity and longer component lifespan to reducing interference and cost savings. By using EMI absorbers, organizations can reduce EMI and RFI interference and enhance system performance.

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