Using an EMI Absorber to Reduce Interference and Increase Signals

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), sometimes referred to as radio frequency interference (RFI), is one of the most common sources of interference in electronic systems. EMI absorbers are often used to reduce its effects and increase signal strength.

How Does EMI Absorption Work?

EMI absorbers work by absorbing electromagnetic energy that is radiated in the form of radio waves. The absorbers then convert the energy into heat, which is dissipated away from the source of interference. This process helps reduce the amount of unwanted EMI that can interfere with signals, allowing the desired signal to be more easily detected.

Benefits of Using EMI Absorbers

The primary benefits of using EMI absorbers are that they can significantly reduce EMI interference and enhance signal strength. This can lead to better performance of electronic devices, and improved overall system reliability.

Types of EMI Absorbers

The two most common types of EMI absorbers are ferrite cores and EMI fabric. Ferrite cores are typically used for low frequencies (under 1GHz), while EMI fabric is better suited for higher frequencies.

Applications of EMI Absorbers

EMI absorbers can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Cellular: to reduce RF interference and improve cellular signal.
  • Wi-Fi: to reduce interference that can degrade Wi-Fi signal strength and accuracy.
  • Military: to reduce the effects of enemy electromagnetic radiation.
  • Automotive: to reduce emissions and improve exhaust system performance.
  • Medical: to reduce the risks of electromagnetic interference with medical equipment.
  • Industrial: to reduce EMI interference in industrial machines.


In summary, EMI absorbers are an effective way to reduce the effects of EMI interference and enhance signal strength. They can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from cellular to military, and can lead to improved performance of electronic devices and enhanced system reliability.

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