5 Reasons to Install EMI Absorbing Materials in Your Facility

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an ever-present phenomenon that can wreak havoc on electrical and electronic equipment. In fact, companies in the technology industry are well-acquainted with the nuisance of EMI interference, but many other businesses are also affected. To mitigate the difficulties posed by EMI, the installation of absorbing materials is often encouraged. Here are five reasons you should think about transitioning to EMI absorbing materials in your facility:

1. Reduces electromagnetic radiation

An installation of absorbing materials like EMI shields helps to dampen EMI fields by efficiently scattering and absorbing energy, thereby reducing the levels of radiation emitted from your facility.

2. Prevent damage to electronic systems

As EMI has the potential to disrupt and destroy your electrical and electronic components, absorbing materials can help to insulate your equipment from harmful electromagnetic fields. Protecting your infrastructure in this way can enhance the longevity of your systems and reduce maintenance costs.

3. Enhance productivity and prevent downtime

EMI absorbing materials play a major role in preventing equipment malfunctions and, in turn, any drop in productivity or increase in downtime. Shielding your systems from EMI can help keep them working properly and employees on task.

4. Meet regulatory guidelines

Not only does EMI cause operational difficulties, it can also put your business in non-compliance with safety standards as defined by the FCC. An installation of absorbent material can help to ensure compliance and avoid potential penalties.

5. Improve overall quality

EMI absorbing materials facilitate smooth operations by preventing sudden disturbances and disturbances from outside sources. Consequently, this can lead to an improved overall quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Overall, EMI absorbing materials are essential for any business that relies on electric or electronic systems. They can help reduce radiation, protect against EMI damage, prevent lost productivity, meet regulatory guidelines, and improve the overall quality of operations.

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