Understanding EMI Absorber Technology: What It is & How It Works

EMI (electromagnetic interference) absorbers are materials that absorb, reduce and eliminate EMI radiation from other electrical or electronic components and systems. This article will discuss the fundamentals of EMI absorber technology, including what it is and how it works.

What Are EMI Absorbers?

EMI absorbers are materials that absorb and effectively block EMI radiation. They are typically used to reduce EMI radiation from electronic components and systems, such as those used in medical, defense, automotive, and industrial applications. The absorbers can be installed in enclosures and other structures to reduce the EMI radiation and improve the performance of an electrical or electronic system.

Types of EMI Absorbers

There are different types of EMI absorbers. These include:

  • Ferrite absorbers
  • Conductive absorbers
  • Hybrid absorbers
  • Metallic absorbers

The materials used for EMI absorbers vary depending on the application. Some materials used for EMI absorbers include but are not limited to polyester, rubber, aluminum, copper, polyurethane and more.

How EMI Absorbers Work

EMI absorbers work by absorbing and reflecting the EMI radiation. This helps to reduce or eliminate the EMI radiation from other components or systems, thus improving the overall performance.

The absorbers are typically made of materials such as conductive and magnetic materials, which help to absorb the EMI radiation. The magnetic materials help to create an electric field that interacts with the radiation, while the conductive materials help to dissipate the radiation.


EMI absorbers are materials that absorb, reduce and eliminate EMI radiation from other electrical or electronic components and systems. These materials come in different varieties and provide an effective way to reduce the interference and improve the performance of an electrical system.

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