Wide range of uses for whiteboards

1. Secret Whiteboard

Secret Magnetic Whiteboard Designed to help you switch between work and home life, it is a suspended print frame.


It can be opened like a book to reveal the double-sided magnetic whiteboard inside.

Create a fashionable working space for efficient mental creation.

Each board has an art print, and it can also be replaced with your favorite poster!

Thanks to the magnetic properties, markers, erasers and paper can be stored inside.

The magnet keeps the item off, so you can hide the writing content.


Can be easily adjusted in any way to add style to the space.


There are three size options, small, medium or large, and two frame color options: black or white.

Easy to hang the frame is perfect for home or office, do not worry about boring, can easily change different styles of posters at any time.

Compatible with display, games, work, teaching, decoration and other scenes.

Black and white impermanence, in the secret to find a wider world.


2. Movable magnetic reflective patch

The proportion of container car drivers driving fatigue is relatively high, so there are many vehicle rear-end accidents. In June 2006, Shaoxing Detachment of the Highway Traffic Police took the lead in advocating the reflective film on the rear of the container car on the Ningbo-Jin Expressway, which received good results and significantly reduced the accident rate. In 2007, the move was popularized nationwide. However, because the box of the container car is not fixed with the body, and the ownership does not belong to the vehicle unit, so it can not be considerate of the reflective film of the box. The reflective effect of the box is not good, which obviously affects the line of sight of driving safety. To this end, the high-speed traffic police Shaoxing detachment two brigade according to this situation, developed a movable magnetic reflective paste, posted on the container box, increased the reflective effect, can prevent and reduce the occurrence of rear-end accidents.


Ding Jianli also introduced that this kind of magnetic body reflective paste made of rubber magnetic strip, easy for container vehicle drivers to carry and repeated use, reflective effect is good, loved by the majority of drivers. Now, the removable magnetic reflective car stickers have been patented.

Secret Whiteboard Designed to help you switch between work and home life, it is a suspended print frame.

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