Analysis of the application principle of nfc absorber

NFC absorbers can be used as contactless smart cards, reader terminals for smart cards, and device-to-device data transmission links. It has a wide range of applications, and NFC absorber applications can be divided into five basic types:

  1. Replace the existing card with the NFC absorber tag, which is user-friendly and easy to carry. The NFC tag is attached to the customer’s device to complete the functions that a contactless card can achieve. It can realize the functions of large-scale terminal customer identification, consumption points, and customer special services.
  2. In commercial promotion, the specific information of the promotion is written on the poster with the NFC tag, and the customer uses the NFC card reader, which is close to the tag, and completes a series of set functions in an instant.
  3. In mobile payment, stored value consumption, point consumption and other systems, NFC absorber tags can realize high-security commercial consumption and payment transactions with user password security authentication.
  4. Mutual data connection and data transmission of NFC absorber, such as data file transmission, identification, exchange, data synchronization processing, data between devices, and various functional operations between devices and the background.
  5. For other various NFC application functions, NFC absorber is a brand-new open system, which is the product of the full combination of radio frequency technology, wireless communication technology, and newer information network technology. In the next 2-5 years, it will bring huge changes to people’s lives. Now there are various consumption management systems, customer management systems, commercial promotion systems, logistics management systems, asset management systems and other systems. NFC has achieved a new innovation and upgrade in the function and depth of the system.


NFC absorber materials are widely used in handheld devices such as NFC payment mobile phones, and electronic tags. The main function is to reduce the absorption of the signal magnetic field by metal materials, and by increasing the magnetic field strength, the sensing distance can be effectively increased.

nfc absorber

The role of nfc absorber:

Effectively improve the performance of NFC products;

The product can be bent;

It has double-sided tape and fits closely with the assembly;

The shape of the product can be stamped and processed according to the requirements of use by increasing the magnetic field strength of the antenna;

Effectively increase the sensing distance;

At the same time to ensure low magnetic loss (u”);


NFC is the abbreviation of Near Field Communication, which is short-range wireless communication technology. is a contactless identification and interconnection technology that enables short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PCs and smart control tools. The NFC absorber provides a simple, touch-sensitive solution that allows consumers to exchange information and access content and services simply and intuitively.


The principle of nfc absorber

In handheld devices such as NFC payment mobile phones, the electronic tag should be integrated or attached to the electronic device. In this way, the alternating electromagnetic field induced by the tag excited by the signal sent by the card reader is easily attenuated by the eddy current of the metal. The signal strength is greatly weakened, causing the reading process to fail. Therefore, in order for the product to be able to better read the card, it is necessary to add absorbing materials to the product.

The ferrite wave absorber is manufactured by the ceramic process method, and the texture is relatively hard and brittle material. It has high permeability at high frequency.

In RFID/NFC applications, use its high permeability and low loss characteristics; when using, insert the ferrite absorbing material between the 13.56MHz loop antenna and the metal (PCB board or battery). Increasing the induced magnetic field through the wave absorbing material itself reduces the probability of passing through the metal, thereby reducing the generation of induced eddy currents in the metal plate, thereby reducing the loss of the induced magnetic field. At the same time, due to the insertion of the ferrite absorbing material, the measured parasitic capacitance will also be reduced, and the frequency offset will be reduced, which is consistent with the resonant frequency of the card reader, thereby improving the reading distance.

Magnetic flexible magnetic whiteboard with pen

In NFC/RFID devices, the electronic tag needs to be integrated or catered to the device and fully function as a component of the device. Usually, due to the limited space, it is difficult to avoid attaching the electronic tag (usually active) to metal, etc. The surface layer of the conductive object or the place where the adjacent parts have metal components. In this way, under the action of the data signal from the SD card reader, the alternating magnetic field induced by the magnetic induction is very easy to be affected by the eddy loss effect of the metal, which greatly weakens the network signal, causing the loading process to fail. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the anti-metal material absorbing material in the product to improve the sensitivity of the card reader.


Properties of nfc absorbers:

NFC absorber material is a functional composite material that absorbs electromagnetic waves as the main function. It removes the round-trip reflection surface that shields the electromagnetic waves in the cavity, reduces the impact of noise on its own equipment, and reasonably avoids the interference and damage of electromagnetic wave radiation to peripheral equipment and employees, which is an advanced way to remove electromagnetic wave pollution.


The use of nfc absorber materials in electronic devices can absorb leaked electromagnetic wave radiation, and can achieve the purpose of removing electromagnetic interference. According to the regularity of electromagnetic waves spreading from low magnetic guide and high magnetic permeability azimuths in matter, use high permeability ferrite to correctly guide electromagnetic waves. Through resonance, many radiation sources absorb the kinetic energy of electromagnetic waves, and then convert the kinetic energy of electromagnetic waves into heat through coupling.


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