Application of 5G communication emi suppressor sheet

5G new materials, new opportunities, in order to meet the high-performance transmission requirements of 5G and ensure the reliability of use, PTFE, LCP and other materials are essential. At the same time, in order to avoid their mutual electromagnetic interference, the demand for emi suppressor sheet materials has also increased, becoming an indispensable part of the future electronic materials industry.


Due to the high-frequency and high-speed communication requirements in the 5G era, the requirements for electromagnetic shielding inside smartphones have also increased accordingly; In order to avoid electromagnetic interference in the signal transmission process, generally after the FPC is laminated with the cover film, a layer of emi suppressor sheet will be laminated as a conductive layer to shield the external electromagnetic interference.


The 5G mobile phone antenna adopts Massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) multi-antenna technology to increase the transmission frequency of the signal, which makes the number of 5G mobile phone antennas increase significantly. In the case of smaller antenna size, electromagnetic interference between devices is more likely to occur. Moreover, 5G adds multiple new frequency bands, which are compatible with 3G and 4G frequency bands, and the electromagnetic crosstalk will be more serious. In addition, for high-frequency and high-speed, electromagnetic waves need to be able to be transmitted back quickly after they are sent out, which requires higher shielding effect.

noise suppression sheet emi absorber soft ferrite

The emi suppressor sheet is a composite structure composed of multi-layer functional films. The transparent PET substrate is coated with an adhesive added with metal powder. It is processed by electroplating, thermal curing and other processes; it is mainly composed of insulating protective layer, metal layer and conductive layer. The insulating protective layer is used to protect the metal layer from being damaged; the metal layer is mainly used to shield external electromagnetic interference, and the conductive layer is used to export charges.


The so-called emi suppressor sheet is to use the shield to attenuate the electromagnetic wave. The magnitude of this effect is measured by shielding effectiveness. Use a shield to surround the interference source of components, circuits, assemblies, cables or the entire system to prevent the interference electromagnetic field from spreading outward; use a shield to surround the receiving circuit, equipment or system to prevent them from being affected by external electromagnetic fields.


For 5G application requirements, the requirements of emi suppressor sheet are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Broadband shielding: The wide application of centimeter-wave and millimeter-wave requires emi suppressor sheet to develop in the direction of broadband, so as to realize the shielding effect of medium and frequency electromagnetic waves.
  2. Lightweight and ultra-thin materials: The volume of communication base stations and electronic components becomes smaller, and the emi suppressor sheet is required to be lightweight and ultra-thin.
  3. High-efficiency shielding: Due to the importance of life and health, more and more electronic devices need electromagnetic protection, the standards for electromagnetic shielding are more stringent, and the requirements for shielding efficiency are higher.
  4. Simplified processing of shielding materials: In terms of design and manufacturing, the processing technology of emi suppressor sheet should be simpler, cost-effective, and suitable for mass production.


The emi suppressor sheet is a measure that uses conductive or magnetically conductive materials for isolation to reduce the penetration of electromagnetic waves to designated areas. The purpose of the emi suppressor sheet is to conceal the location of network systems, especially important equipment and how they work.

emi suppressor sheet

The principle of emi suppressor sheet

In electronic equipment and electronic products, electromagnetic interference (Electromagnetic Interference) energy is transmitted through conductive coupling and radiative coupling. In order to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility, filtering technology is required for conductive coupling, that is, emi suppressor sheet is used to suppress radiation coupling by shielding technology. In the current situation of the increasingly dense electromagnetic spectrum, the sharp increase of electromagnetic power density per unit volume, and the mixed use of high and low level devices or equipment, the electromagnetic environment of equipment and systems is deteriorating, and the importance is even more prominent.


Shielding is a method of confining electromagnetic waves to a certain area by shielding bodies such as shells and boxes made of metal. Since the radiation source is divided into the electric field source in the near area, the magnetic field source and the plane wave in the far area, the shielding performance of the shielding body is different in terms of material selection, structural shape and leakage control of the hole and seam depending on the radiation source. In order to achieve the required shielding performance in the design, it is necessary to first determine the radiation source, clarify the frequency range, and then determine the control elements according to the typical leakage structure of each frequency band, and then select the appropriate emi suppressor sheet and design the shielding shell.


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