The difference between flexible whiteboard and iron whiteboard

I believe the word “whiteboard” will not be unfamiliar in everyone’s dictionary, but do you know whether the whiteboard you use is magnetic or iron? Today, I will popularize the difference between an iron whiteboard and a flexible whiteboard.


Generally, we all think that the whiteboard is magnetic and can attract magnets, which means it is magnetic. This statement is actually wrong. Before flexible whiteboards appeared, there were traditional magnetic whiteboards on the market. Although everyone calls it a magnetic flexible whiteboard, in fact, it is just a galvanized sheet. It has no magnetic force but is ferrous and can only be attracted by magnets, not actively attracting iron. However, because there was no real magnetic whiteboard on the market at the time, it was still referred to as a magnetic flexible whiteboard by default in order to emphasize this function of the whiteboard.


It was not until the emergence of the flexible whiteboard that a real magnetic flexible whiteboard began to appear. This special magnetic flexible whiteboard itself has a certain magnetic force, but it should be noted that its magnetic force is generally on the back. The scope of use of this kind of whiteboard is also quite special, and it only appeared to save the framed whiteboard at first. When the surface of the frame whiteboard has been worn out and cannot be used because of the dirt, a whiteboard of the same size can be cut out, which can be automatically adsorbed on the surface of the old whiteboard.

flexible whiteboard

The surface of the single-layer magnetic whiteboard uses an ordinary board surface. Be careful in the process of using it. The surface structure is easily damaged by external forces. Moreover, after a long time of use, a layer of oil pen marks that is not easy to wipe off will form on the surface of the whiteboard. It is necessary to use a special whiteboard cleaner and a cotton cloth to completely remove the traces of the pen, which is not easy to take care of. When installing and fixing, whether it is nailed, a customized L-shaped bracket, or an independent bracket structure, there will be hidden dangers that the position of the whiteboard is not easy to fix and easy to fall off.


But the double-layer magnetic whiteboard eliminates this problem at its root. The whiteboard with a double-layer magnetic structure is composed of a magnetic bottom and a magnetic surface. The magnetic bottom is a pure natural rubber magnetic bottom. It is attached to the wall with 3M strong adhesive, which can be attached for a long time and will not be displaced during use. The surface is a layer of high-density iron glue made of nano-grinding technology, which can make the two-layer structure closely fit together. This double-layer structure is easy to install and sticks lightly to the wall like a sheet of paper. At the same time, this double-layer structure can also be matched with magnetic accessories to make a load-bearing frame, and the super adsorption force can achieve a 3D load-bearing function.


The magnetic flexible whiteboard is very suitable for children’s graffiti walls, so what do you know about its characteristics? Let’s find out.

  1. It has super strong magnetic adsorption, which makes it difficult to shift and fall off.
  2. It comes with self-adhesive, is easy to install, and can be installed without nails.
  3. The double-layer structure of the magnetic bottom iron surface is used to facilitate the replacement of the panel.

Because the ordinary whiteboard is an ordinary whiteboard and will shake when writing, and the magnetic flexible whiteboard is installed on the wall, there will be no such problems as with ordinary whiteboards.


The main materials of a magnetic whiteboard are: board surface, cardboard (corrugated paper), backboard (galvanized sheet), frame, and corner wrapping.

flexible whiteboard

A magnetic flexible whiteboard, also known as a writing whiteboard or whiteboard, It is a relatively common product in office supplies. Its convenience makes it a trend to replace the traditional blackboard. A special whiteboard pen for writing on the magnetic whiteboard, together with a special whiteboard eraser. easy to use and has clear writing. Another advantage is that the desired text can be “ordered” on the magnetic whiteboard using a magnetic particle magnetic strip. It is a good choice for office and home education. The writing surface of the magnetic flexible whiteboard is the whiteboard surface, which is a special material. Write on it with a special whiteboard pen, which can be erased very well, just like writing on a blackboard with chalk. There are several layers of corrugated paper with a certain hardness in the middle. The back panel is a galvanized sheet. Then use aluminum alloy or other materials to wrap the frame in order to fix it at the four corners with special wrapping corners. Now the office can choose to be placed on the magnetic whiteboard rack, which is convenient to move.


Precautions for the use of magnetic flexible whiteboards: When using the magnetic whiteboard for the first time, remember to tear off the protective film attached to the board. Use a high-quality whiteboard pen to write, otherwise it will not be wiped clean. Use a soft and clean whiteboard wiper (if there is dirt on the whiteboard wiper, wash it with water and let it dry, then use it again). Otherwise, the board surface will be easily damaged when wiping. Instead of wiping the board surface with a rag (because the rag will inevitably contain sundries and hard objects that will scratch the board surface when wiping), use whiteboard cleaner and a cotton cloth or paper towel to clean. The practice is to first spray the whiteboard cleaner on the surface of the board, and then carefully wipe it with a soft, clean cotton cloth or lint-free paper towel. Usually, don’t put other objects on the board, so as not to hurt the board!


With the use of people, many other functions have been developed for this truly magnetic flexible whiteboard, such as cutting into small pieces to make magnetic sticky notes. It can be used together with the substrate and surface to make a magnetic photo wall, magnetic whiteboard wall and so on.


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