The magical use of flexible absorbing material

The flexible absorbing material eliminates the back and forth reflection of electromagnetic waves in the shielding cavity, reduces the interference of clutter to its own equipment, and also effectively prevents electromagnetic radiation from harassing and harming surrounding equipment and personnel. It is an advanced means to eliminate electromagnetic wave pollution. Common thicknesses include: 0.08mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm.


In handheld devices such as NFC payment mobile phones, electronic tags (RFID) are integrated or attached to the electronic device to function as a component of the device.

Often due to limited space, it is inevitable to attach RFID tags to the surface of conductive objects such as metal or to places where there are metal devices in the vicinity. In this way, the alternating electromagnetic field excited and induced by the tag under the action of the signal from the card reader is easily attenuated by the eddy current of the metal, which greatly weakens the signal strength, resulting in the failure of the reading process. Therefore, in order for the product to be able to better read the card, it is necessary to add flexible absorbing material to the product.


Features of flexible absorbing material

Flexible absorbing material refers to a type of material that can absorb the electromagnetic wave energy projected on its surface. Through various loss mechanisms of the material, the incident electromagnetic wave is converted into heat energy or other energy forms to achieve the purpose of absorbing electromagnetic waves. In engineering applications, in addition to requiring flexible absorbing material to have a high absorption rate of electromagnetic waves in a wide frequency band, it also requires performance such as temperature resistance, moisture resistance, light weight, and corrosion resistance. The wave absorbing effect of flexible absorbing material is determined by various electromagnetic mechanisms inside the medium, such as: dielectric resonance absorption, electron diffusion, micro eddy current and so on.

flexible absorbing material

  • Soft and not fragile, light and thin, easy to process and cut, easy to use, and can be installed in small spaces.
  • The product needs to be bonded or pressed on the metal base plate to achieve good absorbing effect.
  • Products can correspond to a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • High temperature resistance, good flexibility.



  • Can be used as a noise countermeasure for flexible cables for mobile devices (notebooks, game consoles, mobile phones, etc.).
  • Reduce the radiation noise of various electronic devices (noise generated by the CPU, etc.).
  • Reduce the electromagnetic radiation (SAR) of the mobile phone to the human body.
  • Reduce internal EMI (resonance, crosstalk) within the shielding frame.
  • Reduce coupling conduction radiation interference between low frequencies and low frequency echo interference.


Application of flexible absorbing material

  1. It can be used in the cavity of electronic equipment such as notebook computers, mobile phones, communication cabinets, etc.
  2. It can be used to reduce the radiation and noise of various electronic devices.
  3. It can reduce the coupling conduction radiation interference between low frequencies and reduce the low frequency echo interference.
  4. It can reduce the internal EMI (resonance, crosstalk) in the barrier frame.
  5. It is applied between the chip and the cooling module.
  6. Application of EMI/RFI. EMI (Electro MagneTIc Interference) three elements of electromagnetic wave interference: interference source, interference propagation path and sensitive equipment.The source of interference refers to the electronic equipment or system that generates electromagnetic interference. The interference propagation path includes cables, space, etc., and the sensitive equipment refers to the electronic equipment or system that is easily affected by electromagnetic interference.Transmitting frequency interference (RF Interference): Radio frequency is a high-frequency alternating current, also known as electromagnetic waves. Radio frequency interference is the interference caused by electromagnetic waves. For example, two electromagnetic waves with similar frequencies will be received by the receiver at the same time and cause interference. There will be harmonic interference near the transmitter, which will interfere with other receiving equipment. Electromagnetic waves at the same frequency can interfere with the station.

flexible absorbing material

The difference between flexible absorbing material and shielding material

Shielding materials are a class of materials that can isolate metals, magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, and control electric fields between two spatial regions, and induce and radiate from one region to another. Specifically, the material used to make the shield. The shield surrounds the interference sources of components, circuits, assemblies, cables or the entire system to prevent the interference electromagnetic field from spreading outward. The electromagnetic wave of the flexible absorbing material cannot go in and out, but the electromagnetic shielding material does not necessarily reflect the electromagnetic wave, but reduces the amount of the electromagnetic wave reaching the other side of the shielding material through absorption or reflection.It can be said that the flexible absorbing material is to make the flexible absorbing material and the electromagnetic wave source on the same side, receive the reflected electromagnetic waves as little as possible, and the electromagnetic shielding material is to shield the material and the electromagnetic wave source on the opposite side, and receive as little electromagnetic waves as possible. The rapidly changing electronics industry presents many challenges for material solution providers. Under the trends of 5G, automotive electronics, autonomous driving, drones, AI, AR/VR, etc., electronic products will be updated iteratively, requiring higher computing power for chips, and facing problems such as increased power consumption, radiation, and heat dissipation, which puts forward higher requirements for the development ability of high-end materials and technical support for rapid technical response.


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