Tips about flexible absorbent material

Flexible absorbent material has been talked about by people in major fields in recent years. For more people to understand the use of the product and its specific use effect, let’s introduce to you the characteristics of the suction material.


  1. Wide nature

On many occasions, as long as you want to install the flexible absorbent material, you can rest assured that it can be installed because it can be adjusted at will according to user needs. Even after installation, we want to make it through the form of painting. It is also possible to cover it. The pictures of reasonable watercolor paint on the outside can be integrated with the big background to create a good beautification effect.


  1. Convenience

The convenient characteristics of flexible absorbent material are also its advantage, because after buying products, we will have a professional to install them. It is very convenient It can be completed at an angle. It is a very large gospel for enterprises and use that often needs to be disassembled, which can allow them to better and faster complete the conversion between use and disassembly.


  1. Affordable

Many people are very concerned and sensitive about product prices. Flexible Absorbent Material’s affordable characteristics are attractive. It can be used to get lower quality products, especially through the use of large quantities to save a lot of funds and costs for enterprises. This is also its advantageous characteristic.

flexible absorbing material

Why not use flexible absorbent material to deal with EMI?

EMI is becoming a serious problem, just as it can appear anywhere in the electronic line, and produce the consequences of difficulty predicting and machine destruction. This situation is becoming more serious due to increased equipment frequency, high integration of electronic systems, higher power density, and reduced thickness and dimensional size of PCB boards.


The most common method of solving an electromagnetic noise problem is to block the system with conductive materials, such as shielding cavities, tin foil tape, or conductive padding. However, this is not suitable for all electronic devices. Most of them have components working at high frequencies, causing complex EMI problems that cannot be used to block removal.


To avoid this type of problem, flexible absorbent materials (polymers incorporating ferrite powder) can be used to suppress unwanted high-frequency electromagnetic components.


Properties of a flexible absorbent material

The ability of a material to absorb direct and dissipative electromagnetic noise signals is best described by the u “part of the composite permeability. The magnetic permeability of a material is determined by its molecular composition and structure and is represented by complex numbers. The real part quantitatively describes the ability to store energy or induce, and the imaginary part quantitatively describes the ability to consume energy or absorb: ur=ur’-jur”


The performance of these parameters is determined by both material composition and frequency factors. Therefore, it is important to know in which frequency band the noise level is exceeded. Since the magnetic permeability changes with frequency, when selecting the correct flexible absorbent material, it needs to be determined according to the frequency range in which the noise needs to be suppressed.


In any case, it is expected that the performance of the flexible absorbent material may be difficult because it is determined by multiple variables outside the flexible absorbent material’s magnetic rate. These variables include the distance between the thickness, size, geometric shape, noise source and the absorbing material.


Therefore, for general systems, the attenuation of electromagnetic noise by inhibitory materials cannot be predicted. However, in order to study the effects of materials in complex electronic systems, it is better to obtain real results through some test representation methods.

RF absorber materials flexible nfc ferrite sheet

The principle of flexible absorbent material is based on magnetic microwave absorbers as the main body. The electromagnetic waves launched by electronic devices are converted into thermal energy to reduce electromagnetic radiation by insulating loss, magnetic loss, and impedance loss. The characteristics of other characteristics can be directed at specific frequency bands.


Flexible absorbent material has good absorption characteristics within the range of 10MHz-6GHz, which can avoid electromagnetic interference or leakage caused by secondary reflexes. The product is mainly an absorbing sheet, and it can also be processed into various shapes according to customer needs. Absorbent sheets can be used inside the electronic device cavities of laptops, mobile phones, communication cabinets, etc. Flexible absorbent materials absorb electromagnetic waves well and have a wide absorption frequency. It can be customized according to customer requirements. The thickness is thin and cost-effective, and the use and applicable range are wide.


As the international standards for electromagnetic interference control are becoming more and more stringent, my country is also in line with international standards, which have accelerated the control of electromagnetic noise, especially in electronic products. Therefore, governing electromagnetic pollution and finding a material that can resist and weaken electromagnetic wave radiation-suction material has become a major topic of material science.


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