What are the classifications and advantages of soft whiteboard?

First of all, let’s talk about the classification of soft whiteboard. A magnetic whiteboard is a common product in business offices. Then there is a trend to replace traditional blackboard. The soft whiteboard’s writing is generally equipped with a dedicated whiteboard pen, while the whiteboard is mainly divided into two categories: one is a hanging whiteboard, and the other is a mobile whiteboard.


The posted photo on the whiteboard is the ordinary whiteboard, which directly prints the information content on the whiteboard and then nails the notice on the panel with a nail. This product is simple and convenient to use, and it is also environmentally friendly and can show office culture.


Mobile whiteboard: the move soft whiteboard can be used as a workshop management view board, and it can also be used for office training and writing. You can write on the surface of the whiteboard pen or directly print it for the cultural whiteboard required for mobile.


The advantage of the whiteboard: soft magnetic whiteboard can be projected directly without the need to get another curtain like the traditional way. On the one hand, you can write on the whiteboard of projection. On the other hand, when you use it in the classroom, you can explain it directly on the whiteboard as long as you make the example. Compared with the traditional blackboard, the soft whiteboard is more advantageous.

Soft Magnetic Whiteboard

The soft whiteboard is easy to use and clearly written. Another advantage is that you can use the magnetic strips to “order” the required text on the soft whiteboard. It is a good choice for family education. The writing level of soft whiteboard is whiteboard. It is a special material made by using steel to bake magnetic paint. Writing on it with a special whiteboard pen can be well wiped, the same way as the chalk on the blackboard. In the middle, there are a few layers of corrugated paper with a certain hardness. The back panel is a galvanized plate. Then use aluminum alloy or other materials to wrap it. In order to fix it in four corners, it is used to fix it.


In addition, soft magnetic whiteboard has no dust and are helpful for human health. Moreover, the ground is still clean after writing, especially for the laid-laid office fields, which are very suitable for using Soft Whiteboard, and there is no need to clean it manually every day. The above is the classification and advantages of soft whiteboard. If you have any questions, you can contact Penghui.


Precautions for using a soft whiteboard

The service life of a soft whiteboard depends entirely on the degree of protection of the board!

  1. When using a magnetic whiteboard for the first time, remember to tear off the protective film posted on the plate.
  2. Write with a good quality whiteboard pen, otherwise it will not be cleaned.
  3. It with a soft and clean white plate (such as wiping dirt on the whiteboard, cleaning it with water, and using it to use it to use it, which can be used). Otherwise, it is easy to damage the surface when rubbing.
  4. After using soft whiteboard for a period of time, a pen mark or ash appears on the plate surface, which is normal; at this time, do not wipe the board directly with a rag (because there is inevitable debris and hard objects on the rag, you will scratch the board when wiped). It needs to be cleaned with whiteboard cleaner, cloth, or paper towels. The method is to spray the whiteboard cleaner on the plate, and then wipe it carefully with a soft, clean cloth or no-hair tissue.
  5. Do not lean on the board on the surface to avoid bumping into the board!


Soft whiteboard installation method:

A fixed soft magnetic whiteboard generally has three installation methods:

  1. The nails are secured to the wall before the whiteboard is hung.

Advantages: easy installation.

Disadvantages: easy to deform, easy to fall off.

  1. Perform the installation method: Pass on the border of the whiteboard and nail it on the wall with a nail hole.

Advantades: Easy to install.

Disadvantages: damaged border, damaged beauty.

  1. Invisible installation method: First fix the “L” type installation nails on the wall, then put the whiteboard into the range of the “L” type installation nail, and finally fix the whiteboard to the “L” type installation.

Advantages: firm, non-deformation, and no border damage.

Disadvantages: troublesome installation, time-consuming and labor-intensive, high installation cost..


Soft magnetic whiteboard installation method:

First install the bottom layer of the iron on the wall. The bottom layer contains back glue, so it can be installed directly.

Put the magnetic soft whiteboard on top and adhere it to the iron bottom layer.

Advantages: simple installation and replacement at any time.


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