In the 5G era, the demand for EMI shielding film is increasing day by day

In order to meet the high performance transmission requirements of 5G, to ensure the reliability of use, and at the same time, in order to avoid its mutual electromagnetic interference, the demand for EMI shielding film has increased, becoming an indispensable part of the future electronic material industry.

Related information shows that EMI Shielding Film is a new type of electronic material film. The shielding body made by special materials can limit the electromagnetic wave to a certain range, so that its electromagnetic radiation is inhibited or attenuated, thereby effectively blocking the electromagnetic electromagnetic interference. It is currently widely used in electronic products such as smartphones and tablets.

EMI Shielding Film is a composite structure composed of multi-layer functional membranes. It is mainly composed of three parts: insulating protective layer, metal layer, and conductive layer. The conductive layer is used to export charge.


emi absorbing for abtenna mobile phone

Why do I need electromagnetic shielding?

When electronic components work, electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic waves and electronic components will be produced, and interference will be generated. At the same time, electronic components will not only be disturbed by their own electromagnetic interference, but also electromagnetic interference from other electronic components. The interference exceeds the allowable value of electronic components, which will affect its normal work;

Electromagnetic shielding is actually very common in our lives. I believe most people have seen a classic example in the textbooks of middle school: open the radio, you can hear the radio audio, If you put the radio in the aluminum box, there is no sound, but in the wooden box, the sound did not disappear. There is also a headache that often makes us headaches. In some underground garages and tunnels, the mobile phone signal suddenly receives poorly; the “snowflake” on the TV screen is actually the phenomenon of the signal being disturbed.

In order to allow a variety of electromagnetic wave bands to transmit in accordance with the corresponding source of acceptance, it is generally treated on the transmission path of electromagnetic waves, limiting the electromagnetic wave to a certain range, and the electromagnetic radiation “, Forming high impedance for part of the frequency band, the greater the impedance ratio, the better the shielding performance.

In the 5G era, high-frequency transmission multi-frequency band compatibility, EMI shielding film to challenge.

Due to high-frequency and high-speed communication needs in the 5G era, the electromagnetic shielding requirements inside the smartphone also increased accordingly; in order to avoid electromagnetic interference from the signal transmission process, the FPC is generally pressed to the cover film. The conductive layer plays the role of shielding electromagnetic interference outside.

The 5G mobile antenna uses Massive MIMO multi-antenna technology to increase the frequency of transmission of signals, which makes the number of 5G mobile phone antenna significantly increase. In the case of smaller antenna size, electromagnetic interference is more likely to occur between devices. In addition, 5G adds multiple new frequency bands, which are compatible with 3G and 4G frequency bands, and the electromagnetic disturbances will be more serious. In addition, for high -frequency and high -speed, the electromagnetic wave needs to be quickly returned after the electromagnetic wave is issued, and the shielding effect is high.

absorbing sheet magnetic shielding material

For 5G applications, the demand for electromagnetic shielding materials is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Broadband shielding: The widespread application of centimeter waves and rice waves requires the development of electromagnetic shielding materials in the direction of broadband to achieve the shielding performance of neutralized electromagnetic waves.
  2. Lightweight of the material: The volume of communication base stations and electronic components is smaller, and the electromagnetic shielding material is required to have lightweight and ultra -thin characteristics.
  3. Shielding high efficiency: Out of the importance of life and health, more and more electronic equipment needs to perform electromagnetic protection. The standards for electromagnetic shielding are stricter, and the requirements for shielding efficiency are higher.
  4. The processing of shielding materials is simple: From the perspective of relocation and manufacturing, the processing process of electromagnetic shielding materials should be simpler, cost-effective, and suitable for mass production.

Due to high frequency and high speed communication needs in the 5G era, electromagnetic shielding in the internal electromagnetic shields of smartphones, laptops, automobiles, base station communication equipment, and medical equipment also has new requirements. Exploring efficient EMI Shielding Film Compatibility with electromagnetic compatibility is of great significance to improving the security and reliability of electronic products and equipment and ensuring the smooth flow of information.

In the future, with the continuous deepening of national policies in the field of information high -tech industrialization, the business development of Emi Shielding Film will be applicable to any field of electronic information high -tech industries, and the prospects are expected.

Shenzhen PH Functional Materials is the major domestic EMI Shielding Film supplier. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to research and development of products such as Wave-Absorbing Sheet, Sinteered Ferrite Film, Electromagnetic Functional Materials. Our task is to provide customers with high-quality electromagnetic shielding coatings and become world-renowned suppliers.

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