the market demand of wave-absorbing materials

Wave absorption material is a kind of electromagnetic shielding material, is through the absorption of the received electromagnetic wave energy, to reduce the interference of electromagnetic waves material.With the continuous progress of science and technology, the amount of electromagnetic waves is increasing and the impact on the surrounding environment is increasing. An electromagnetic shielding material can be used alone or together with other electromagnetic shielding materials, which can be widely used in the military and civil fields.  Other electromagnetic shielding materials can effectively shield the electromagnetic waves, but the interference in the shielding system still exists.The wave absorption material can maximize the electromagnetic waves into the material interior, the electromagnetic waves into other forms of energy loss, in order to achieve the effect of absorption and shielding electromagnetic waves.In addition to the advantages of high electromagnetic wave absorption efficiency, wave-absorbing materials also have the characteristics of light quality, humidity resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, which can be widely used in fighter jets, missiles, ships, consumer electronics, communications, construction, hospitals, civil airports and other fields.  According to the 2021-2025 released by New World Industrial Research Center, from 2015-2019, a compound growth rate is 9.2%; in 2019, the market scale is about 29.75 billion yuan; from 2020 to more than 8.0%, and the market scale will continue to expand.The global wave-absorbing material industry has good development prospects.  According to the material, the wave absorbing material can be divided into iron wave absorbing material, carbon wave absorbing material, ceramic wave absorbing material, etc.In the iron wave absorption material, the ferrite wave absorption material has good performance, wide absorption frequency range, and high absorption efficiency.Among carbon wave-absorbing materials, carbon nanotubes and magnetic graphene have excellent comprehensive performance, and the application penetration rate is expected to increase continuously.In ceramic wave absorbing materials, due to the advantages of high temperature resistance, high strength and low expansion coefficient, its advantages in the field of high-speed aircraft and application.  With the increasing amount of electromagnetic waves, the increasing interference to equipment and environment, the demand for electromagnetic shielding materials is increasing.Wave absorption material is a kind of material that can consume electromagnetic wave internally in electromagnetic shielding material, used with other materials, can better achieve electromagnetic wave shielding effect, the market prospect is broad.With the maturity of the technology, the production enterprises of wave-absorbing materials in China are increasing, but the number of enterprises with obvious competitive advantages is small, and there is still room for optimization of the industry structure.

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