the application scope of wave-absorbing materials

Wave absorbing materials can also be used for landing lights and other airport navigation equipment, wave absorbing materials applied to all kinds of electronic products, such as TV, audio, VCD, computer, game machine, microwave oven, mobile phone, can make the electromagnetic wave leakage down to the national health and safety limit (10 micro watt per square centimeter) below, to ensure human health.  Its application to high-power radar, microwave medical device and microwave crusher can protect operators from electromagnetic radiation.In recent years, wave absorbing materials have played a significant role in the rapid development of RFID system and R F C short distance electronic payment system and in the integrated installation environment of metal materials.

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Application of wave-absorbing materials products:

  1. Stick to the surface of the RF element to reduce radiation interference.
  2. Applied to high speed CPU and high speed signal line.
  3. On the R F I D electronic label.
  4. PDA mobile phone reduces the signal generated by PDA and interference with the mobile phone antenna.Reduce mobile phone SAR.
  5. Stick to the surface of sensitive elements to absorb radiation interference.
  6. Stick to radar chassis, airport lights, ship navigation mast, magnetron outer cover and internal equipment to absorb clutter and eliminate interference.
  7. For wireless charging products.
  8. Mobile payment by NFC.
  9. It must be used close to the metal substrate at a temperature of-50~ + 100℃.The series is mostly used in mobile phones and GPS products.

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