Production and use method of wave-absorbing materials

Wave-absorbing material is a noise-reduction magnetic film made of soft magnetic powder and resin in a certain proportion.It has high permeability and soft sides covered with double-sided tape.Just paste it in the right position and it has excellent noise suppression.Nowadays, electronics are running faster and faster, and many high-speed circuits often encounter large amounts of electromagnetic interference signals.High-speed digital signal circuits, switching circuits, pulse generator circuits and high-power control circuits The voltage and current change rapidly in a very short time, or when circuits containing inductors and capacitance are frequently switched on and off.


With the magnetic field, electric field and charge and other amounts of rapid changes, also easy to produce electromagnetic interference.However, with the rapid development of electronic technology, the functions of circuits become more diversified and the structure becomes more complex.The operating power gradually increases, and the system frequency gradually increases.At the same time, the requirements for sensitivity are also getting higher and higher.It is difficult to ensure that the system does not produce certain electromagnetic radiation.Shooting or receiving external electromagnetic interference.


In order to bring the system to the EMC, if improperly handled, it will not only affect the performance and quality of the circuit board, but also cause the entire circuit system not to work.When these interference problems cannot be solved by design, we can use the shielding device of the absorbing material to inhibit the EMC and improve the EMC.Therefore, in electronic devices with EMI, the EMC can be improved.Engineers must know how to use absorbent materials to quickly achieve the effect of interference suppression.The absorbing materials are usually sheet materials and are usually cut into the suitable size and shape when used.

  1. The product can be installed around the inner wall of the shell, which can reduce the electromagnetic environment of the equipment and make the components operate in a relatively compatible electromagnetic environment.
  2. The interference of two high-speed chips with each other or the interference of one chip with adjacent components.Microwave absorbers can be connected between the two IC’s to suppress high-frequency interference.
  3. The interface of the metal shield is easy to leak electromagnetic radiation, so the product can attach to the interface to absorb the leaking electromagnetic waves.

4 When two PCB substrates are prone to each other, they are near or superimposed on each other.At this point, the absorbing material needs to be attached to the substrate to directly isolate the interference, which has an excellent effect.

  1. In equipment, electromagnetic radiation is usually transmitted through these wires to other disturbed EMS components.We can effectively filter high-frequency radio waves by pasting the product on soft lines, and we can also wrap circular lines to suppress high-frequency transmission.
  2.  The radiation of electromagnetic waves will eventually lead to the presence of radiation interference sources, such as a clock signal generator, which can only attenuate by adhering the absorbing wave material to the interference source.In conclusion, interference always consists of interference sources, conduction interference path and interference sensitive elements.Thus, only one of these three elements can be suppressed by applying the absorbing material.EMC occurred.

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