Principle of attenuation of electromagnetic wave by wave-absorbing material

When the electromagnetic waves encounter any shape of the medium during the propagation process, the reflection and transmission phenomena will occur at the incident surface or interface of the electromagnetic waves.Only when the wave impedance of the original propagating medium matches the wave impedance of the material is the electromagnetic wave incident into the material with maximum efficiency.Electromagnetic waves interact with the material during the propagation of materials and are converted into other forms of energy (such as mechanical energy, electric energy and heat energy, etc.), that is, electromagnetic wave loss. Therefore, the absorbing performance of the absorbing material is mainly determined by two conditions: one is the impedance matching characteristics, that is, reduce the reflection of the electromagnetic wave on the surface of the material can enter the material to the maximum; the second is the attenuation characteristics, that is, after the electromagnetic wave enters the material, the material can effectively absorb or lose the electromagnetic wave, reduce the secondary reflection of the electromagnetic wave. Multi-component graphene based absorbing materials through composite hybrid particle microstructure and synergistic effect, and study the load density, morphology, structure, the composition and the synergistic effect on the electromagnetic parameters, at the same time using the special structure of graphene and graphene and nanoparticles composite special properties caused by the interface polarization, electronic relaxation polarization and dipole polarization to lose electromagnetic waves, with a variety of electromagnetic wave loss mechanism and adjustable properties of light, high strength, broadband absorption material structure system.

Application field of graphene wave-absorbing materials

  1. In the civil field, it can effectively reduce the radiation damage of electromagnetic waves to the human body and the signal interference to communication components, and promote the wide application of 5G mobile phones, base stations, RFID, wireless charging and other fields;
  2. In the military field, as the most important and effective link in stealth technology, it is applied in stealth aircraft, stealth tanks, stealth ships, such as microwave dark room, electromagnetic compatibility room, attenuator, radar meter RCS reduction, etc.

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