Application of wave-absorbing materials in medical devices

We often only say that the medical electronic devices to heat dissipation problem, in fact, the interference and anti-interference of medical instruments is a more people headache.On the one hand, medical electronic instruments are vulnerable to interference, and on the other hand, interference sources are everywhere.Because of the increasing number of various electronic and electrical equipment, the degree of use is becoming more and more intensive, and the seriousness of electromagnetic interference is becoming more and more prominent.


Medical electronic equipment is the basis of hospital development, and also an important carrier of clinical diagnosis. If the medical electronic equipment is disturbed, then it will have an impact on the life and health of patients.Therefore, it plays a very important role to actively improve the electromagnetic compatibility of medical electronic devices, which can improve the accuracy of clinical diagnosis and reduce the risks generated in the operation of medical electronic devices.


For medical devices, electromagnetic compatibility should be considered when designing.Generally, there are three ways for electromagnetic interference rectification, shielding, grounding and filtering.Can use the shielding material or absorbing material to help solve the electromagnetic shielding problem, the solution of Zhaoke recommended the use of absorbing material to absorb electromagnetic waves, eliminate electromagnetic interference, so that it can effectively inhibit the electromagnetic interference in electronic equipment.


Product characteristics of wave-absorbing material

  1. Wide absorption frequency band, good absorption performance, strong weather resistance and anti-aging
  2. Easy to bend, easy to process and cut
  3. Soft and not fragile, light, easy to process and cut, easy to use, and can be installed in a narrow space
  4. The product needs to be bonded or pressed on the metal bottom plate to achieve a good wave absorption effect
  5. Products can correspond to diverse sizes and shapes
  6. High temperature resistance and good flexibility
  7. Halogen-free, lead-free, to meet the RoHs instructions

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