Application of ferrite in NFC coils or antenna plates

Ultra-thin sintering NFC ferrite sheet brief introduction: 13.56MHZ antenna ferrite sheet / film is a high temperature sintering ferric oxide material.In handheld devices such as payment mobile phones, the main function of electronic labels is to reduce the absorption of the signal magnetic field, and the ferrite film itself is a high-temperature sintering ferrite material, which effectively increases the induction distance by increasing the magnetic field strength.


  1. Effect of ultra-thin sintering NFC ferrite tablets:

Near-field communication, Near Field Communication (abbreviated as NFC) technology has attracted wide attention with its advantages of high transmission bandwidth, high security and low energy consumption.At present, the mobile phone one-card based on this technology has begun to emerge, and the use of NFC mobile phone to open the door, parking, mobile payment and other ways has become a new fashion of consumption.

  1. Application field of ultra-thin sintering NFC ferrite tablets:

In terms of efficacy, ferrite magnetic sheet is mainly used to prevent NFC communication signal from being absorbed by metal, battery; increase the magnetic field strength of antenna and effectively increase the communication sensing distance.In terms of product quality assurance, the perfect material control and quality system make its product performance reach the level of the same series of products in Japan and South Korea, and fully meet the NFC communication distance requirements.

sum up:

Ferriite film: effectively improve the performance of NFC antenna products can bend by increasing the magnetic field intensity of the antenna, effectively increase the induction distance;

Main application of ferrite tablet: NFC function of mobile phone non-contact IC card RFID read / writer / RFID tag.

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