Application of absorbing Materials in EMI / RFI

  1. The principle of wave absorbing material is to take magnetic microwave absorbent as the main body, and convert the electromagnetic waves of electronic equipment into heat energy by insulation loss, magnetic loss and resistance loss to achieve the effect of reducing electromagnetic radiation. It has the characteristics of high magnetic conductivity and wide optional frequency band, and can be developed for specific frequency bands.
  2. The absorbing material has good absorption characteristics within the range of 10MHz~6GHz, which can avoid electromagnetic interference or leakage caused by secondary reflection.The products are mainly for wave-absorbing patch types, which can also be processed into various shapes according to customer needs.The wave-absorbing material can be used in the cavity of electronic equipment such as laptop computer, mobile phone, communication cabinet, etc.
  3. The absorbing material has good absorption effect on electromagnetic wave and wide absorption frequency. It can be customized according to customer requirements, with thin thickness and high cost performance, and a wide range of uses and application.

Schematic structure diagram of the wave-absorbing material

Application of products

  1. It can be used in the cavity of notebook computers, mobile phones, communication cabinets and other electronic devices.
  2. Can be used to reduce the radiation and noise of various electronic devices.
  3. It can reduce the coupling conduction radiation interference between low frequencies and reduce the low-frequency echo interference
  4. Reduce the internal EMI (resonance, crosstalk) in the barrier box.
  5. Apply it between the chip and the heat dissipation module.
  6. Applied EMI / RFI: EMI (Electro MagneTIc Interference): literal translation is electromagnetic interference.The three elements of electromagnetic interference: interference source, interference propagation route and sensitive equipment.Disference source refers to the electronic equipment or system that produces electromagnetic interference, and the interference transmission channels include cables, space, etc. Sensitive equipment refers to the electronic equipment or system that is easily affected by electromagnetic interference.Emission frequency interference (RF Interference): Radio frequency is a high-frequency alternating current, commonly known as electromagnetic waves.Radio-frequency interference is the interference caused by electromagnetic waves.Two electromagnetic waves of similar frequency will simultaneously be received by the receiver and cause interference.There will be harmonic disturbance close to the platform.Interference with other receiving equipment.Electromagnetic waves at the same frequency can interfere with the station.

Product application diagram

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