Application field of rubber magnetic field

Rubber magnetic is made of hard magnet ferrite material mixed with polymer after adhesion, by injection, rolling molding. Has the hardness bottom, the plasticity of good characteristics.Therefore, it can be easier to process into the shape of each magnet, widely used in toys, stationery, door seal, micro motor and other aspects, the following for you to introduce the use of rubber magnetic introduction.

  1. Consumer electronics

In the household appliances that can be seen everywhere in daily life, all kinds of magnetic sensing, switches, motor magnetic materials and adsorptive magnetic products and components play a huge role, significantly improving the quality of human life.

  1. Automotive electronics

From the electrical system of new energy vehicles to the electronic products in the automotive interior, a variety of magnetic sensing, adsorption and motor rotor components.


  1. Computer and surrounding areas

Motor rotors in computer optical storage equipment, magnetic steel mechanical components and storage components in magnetic storage equipment, non-contact sensing and switching devices, magnetic toner in various printing and copying equipment are all places of high-performance magnetic materials and components.

  1. Industrial equipment

In industrial control automation, metal processing, woodworking stone, medical printing and other industries, magnetic materials incarnate as motor rotor, magnetic sensors, magnetic switches, magnetic couplings and other products, contributing to the development of industrial automation.

  1. Security equipment

High security security system needs high quality magnetic sensor parts, excellent performance of security equipment, hidden and convenient anti-theft magnetic roll mark, for all places to avoid the trouble of theft.

  1. Advertising, gifts and educational supplies

In all kinds of advertising materials, adhesive magnetic and adsorption magnetic materials and components are widely used.In toys and educational products, high-performance magnetic materials and components that meet environmental and health standards are also becoming visible.

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